Introducing 111SKIN’s Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil: Embrace the Luminous Glow This Summer

This summer, 111SKIN has expanded its body care category with the exclusive launch of the limited-edition Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil, a luxurious elixir that promises to hydrate, soothe, and instantly infuse the skin with luminosity and luster.

Introducing 111SKIN's Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil: Embrace the Luminous Glow This SummerPhoto Credit: Courtesy of 111SKIN

A prized addition to the esteemed Radiance Collection, the Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil draws inspiration from the cult-favorite Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, a beloved product among makeup artists and celebrities for the past decade. This hydrogel sheet mask, meticulously developed to unveil radiant skin with each use, embodies the perfect fusion of Korean technological advancements and the surgical precision ingredients expertise of Dr. Yannis, a distinguished American and European Board-certified plastic surgeon. Recognizing the three-dimensional healing properties of the skin and the mask’s potential to enhance the reparative processes, Dr. Yannis embraced the technology, initially brought to his attention by his wife, 111SKIN’s CEO and Co-Founder Eva Alexandridis, after her visit to Korea over a decade ago. Combining 111SKIN’s pioneering formulas and proprietary NAC Y²™ complex, this visionary product laid the foundation for the brand’s successful entry into the masking category in the Western market.

With over 18 million units sold, a staggering 111SKIN mask is purchased every 26 seconds, a testament to its immense popularity. This overwhelming demand served as a catalyst for the development of the Radiance Collection, a range comprising six products synergistically designed to seamlessly blend skincare with complexion perfectors. Through the harmonious blend of gold and rose damask, infused with antioxidants and inflammatory active ingredients, the collection brings forth an unparalleled brightening power, effectively illuminating and accentuating the skin’s natural radiance. The Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil is the newest addition to this coveted lineup, embodying the epitome of an advanced body oil.

Introducing 111SKIN's Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil: Embrace the Luminous Glow This Summer
111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil, $95; click here to purchase.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of 111SKIN

The Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil is enriched with a radiant-boosting blend of Chamomile, Damask Rose, and Rosemary Extracts, diligently working to rejuvenate lackluster skin and providing a silky-smooth feel – 94% of users confirmed the silkiness of their skin after a mere two weeks of use*. In tandem, the formula features Green Microalgae, a powerful antioxidant renowned for replenishing the skin and combating the damaging effects of free radicals, effectively warding off premature signs of aging. Hailing from Bulgaria, the Damask Rose imparts not only a beautiful scent but also soothing properties, reminiscent of Co-Founder and CEO Eva Alexandridis’ cherished childhood memories spent in the picturesque country.

An essential component of the formula, Goldella, is a rich active ingredient that elevates the skin’s texture, culminating in the ultimate radiance. Derived from a strain of Chlorella originally isolated from the Niyodo River in Japan, Goldella beautifully translates to “Crystalline blush purity,” mirroring the essence of the word “Niyodo” in Japanese. Indulge in the lavish elegance of the Rose Gold Radiance Body Oil, as 111SKIN continues its unwavering commitment to illuminating and elevating your skincare ritual to new heights.