Is It The End Of “Ted Lasso”… And Is Kola Bokinni Telling If So?

KOLA BOKINNIPhoto Credit: Hayden Blaz
Kola Bokinni is best known for his starring role as Richmond Team Captain Isaac McAdoo in the 2X Emmy and SAG Award winning Apple TV+
series Ted Lasso alongside Jason Sudeikis. Bokinni also appeared in Top Boy on Netflix, where he played the role of Leyton in this critically acclaimed series, produced by rapper and entrepreneur Drake. He has also recently appeared on Black Mirror on Netflix, as well as Cuffs for the BBC. In the film realm, he appeared in Hunter Killer with Gerard Butler and War Machine with Brad Pitt.

But we’re here to talk Ted Lasso, and whether it’s the beginning of the end for AFC Richmond. Does Kola know? And is he telling?

Photo Credit: Hayden Blaz

What was your overall experience filming this season of Ted Lasso, and how has that changed since the first season?

During the first season of the show, we all had no idea what was going to happen. When we were filming season 1, Apple TV+ had not even been launched yet! We had no idea what was going to happen. When I went into Season 3, after all the success we had accomplished from the first two seasons, I really knew that I had to deliver. Because the fans now loved the show and had fallen in love with each character. I had to give them the best possible version of Isaac I could embody. So the pressure was really on this season!

Episode 9 was a pivotal moment for Isaac and Colin’s friendship. How has your character grown because of that situation?

During Episode 9, Isaac ended up revealing how hurt he was that his best friend felt like he had to shield a huge part of him and hide his entire identity. Isaac really values his friendship with Colin and going forward would approach any situation with the utmost respect, patience, understanding, and kindness.

Isaac continues to evolve as a character. Where would you like to see his arc go?

I think Isaac can go anywhere he wants to go! Being Captain of a team like AFC Richmond, I think the possibilities are endless for him. He can put his mind to anything and get it accomplished. Being a goldfish definitely helps!

What will you take away from being such a intricate part of a show like this?

I will take away pride, family, friendship, and so many amazing memories.KOLA BOKINNIPhoto Credit: Hayden Blaz

What REALLY happens behind the scenes while filming?

A lot of joking around ha! We really and truly are all like a family. I know we all say that and people probably think it’s not true, but we truly all enjoy each other’s company and we make a lot of jokes. It’s definitely a fun set to be on to say the least.

How would you identify each of your cast members behind the scenes? Who is the class clown, the glue, the person most likely to be hanging out by craft services?

Brett is the one always cracking jokes between takes so I’ll classify him as the class clown

Jason is of course the glue

Craft services would definitely be Cristo. Man he can eat!

Why do you think Ted Lasso resonates so much with fans?

I think the show resonates so much with fans because everyone can relate to something in the show. The show touches on so many different topics, that any person watching the show could be going through that exact same thing at that time and can relate to any one of the characters on the show and what they are going through.

What was the one moment you truly realized – through an interaction, a billboard, a piece of media – that you realized the show was such as success?

It wasn’t the first time I realized the show was a success, but in March I was in New York for the first time doing press and I looked up and saw my face on a billboard in Times Square! That was a really cool moment for me and really made me realize how much of an impact this show has made.

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

The greatest luxury to me I think is traveling. I really enjoy traveling to new places and exploring and experiencing each place is truly a luxury.