Introducing The New Valentino Garavani Le Troisième Bag

The scent of a lavish perfume wafts through the air. It first subtly hits the senses and then begins to intoxicate.

The newest Valentino Garavani women’s tote bags deliver a similar impact. At first, they could go unnoticed, but then their exquisite design makes everyone stop and take a second glance. Next, they give a nod of approval and mentally write down the tote bag on their wish list.

Just when we thought we’d seen every iteration of the trusty tote, there was to see; a new stunner entered the scene. Plucked from the latest Unboxing Valentino Spring/Summer 2023 collection, this is a new vision of women’s tote bags in unexpected materials.

Valentino Garavani Le Troisième Tote bag

For those hoping to put a unique stamp on any outfit, the search is over. Welcome to the Valentino Garavani Le Troisième Shopping Bag, a refreshingly pared-back update on the classic tote.

Innovation emerges in the understated details. Remember, these are designs that whisper rather than scream, ensuring their longevity. The Maison iconic stud detail is reimagined in EVA and textured all over the bag. To create a whisper that’s so bewitching it’ll replay in your head again and again.

 These Valentino Garavani tote bags are not created to be kept hidden behind glass or collect dust in walk-in closets. These totes have been designed with wearability in mind and are made to be worn. Play with tonal styling in an elegant way with these beauties as part of your accessory collection.

Awash in delicious neutrals like cream, muted pink, and rich chocolate brown, these totes take style notes from the season’s trendiest colors. The muted tones have been intentionally selected to give maximum freedom to the bag owner. They’ll seamlessly infuse a nonchalant elegance into your looks and become instant essentials in your wardrobe.

 Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature bag

Trips to Positano, refreshing cocktails, and endless balmy nights—summer’s on the horizon. But where’s the it bag to complement your sunkissed skin? The Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature bag is the perfect sidekick.

With all the naivete of the French countryside, these designer tote bags balance function and style, designed in woven straw—the most summery material. Luxury details emerge in the form of the signature metallic VLogo, removable leather shoulder strap, and antique-brass finished maxi studs.

Dangling from your arms or shoulder, the Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature bag instantly infuses all outfits with a sense of lavender fields, lemon trees, and long alfresco lunches. It’s roomy enough to carry sunglasses, water bottles, and all the other season’s must-haves.

Written in partnership with Shannon Sparks