Erica Chierchio: Leading The Charge For Women In Tech

Regarding women professionals holding it down in the digital and tech space, Erica Chierchio is making waves. A savvy entrepreneur, Erica is gaining popularity in the App Creation niche, having been involved in developing two notable projects – Crosslisting and Magiscriptor Apps.

The app co-creator is making a name for herself as a versatile and creative businesswoman. Her success inspires many young women looking to do anything in life. Her message is that it is possible, no matter how high the odds stacked against you are.

For Erica, growing up and trying to get ahead was more challenging than it seems now. She had to live off picking trash that people threw away. That was how she got into recycling and reselling old items. That time gave her the impetus to leverage Poshmark to reach more people with her second-hand, discarded clothing and household items.

As a businesswoman, Erica had always been involved in selling, so it seemed logical that she would gravitate towards e-commerce when the larger platform presented itself. Always creative and project-driven, Erica wanted something that would enhance e-commerce for people, enabling them to earn more. So along with her husband, she designed Magiscriptor, a mobile application that generates the best product description, uses the best keywords, and enhances product visibility.

According to its founders, Magiscriptor uses A.I. technology to write the most diverse and SEO-friendly product descriptions. These product descriptions can be used on Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, eBay, Grailed, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, Curtsey, Kidizen, and many more. Magiscriptor is available on Google Play and Apple Store and is compliant with any e-commerce platform you can sell on. The App is user-friendly, enabling anyone to generate an enticing brand-new SEO-based product description for their listing in mere seconds, or about the same time, it would take to sip your coffee.

Like Magiscriptor, Crosslisting is a new and highly efficient App designed to enable entrepreneurs to sell on multiple marketplaces without extra effort. Crosslisting is useful for many users since manually creating listings of the same product on different platforms is often the task.

“We realize that manually listing products is time-consuming, and thus we thought of coming up with a simple and effective solution,” says Erica and her team. “We develop solutions that make a positive difference in sellers’ lives. Crosslisting is an app designed for sellers like you that cross-list products on different online selling platforms such as Depop, Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark without any manual effort.”

With crosslinking, users are assured of a safe and secure platform that lets them cross-list their top-selling products without compromising account security. They also get the advantage of bulk Crosslisting. This means that they can import up to 20 product listings simultaneously for cross-listing without any lag while also being able to track their inventories.

Erica’s success is undoubtedly an inspiration and a boost to women looking to do great things in life and business. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, Erica Chierchio is taking each day as they come and trying to create products and ideas to help people run their businesses successfully.

As a successful entrepreneur, Erica’s journey began with her interest in technology and her unflinching desire to create tech-based products to help people succeed more. But she had a rough start in life, even having to abort school for a while so she could hustle to support her family. Having lost her father when she was only four years old, Erica grew up with her siblings and a diligent mother who had to work round the clock to fend for the family. So life then wasn’t a luxury.

“My family did not have a lot,” says Erica, who revealed in a recent interview that she has autism. “My mom worked hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. So I started working pretty early. I started working at 15. I left school and started working to help pay bills.”

As the years went by, Erica got into the food business, making jams soon after she met and married Michael. “I would make jam and sell them on a table in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was called the Brooklyn Homemade. It was organic jam. I made a bunch of different flavors.”

In the long run, the business wasn’t sustainable, so Erica moved on to her next big idea – recycling and reselling. According to the international businesswoman, she went around looking for things in the recycling. One could find anything on the recycle, so Erica would go around and pick out something she saw and then just sell them.

“That’s how I started reselling,” she says. “I would go through my neighbors or go up and down my block, and I’m doing the recycling bin and will take out the soda cans and bottles. And then, my grandma would bring me to the store to recycle them. And that’s how I earned money when I was very young.”

Erica Chierchio has come a long way since then and has done remarkably well for herself. She has rendered a good account of herself as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Her success in the industry is a testament that women can do well and they have what it takes to triumph in any industry they find themselves.

Erica’s success is a reminder that women can thrive both in the tech industry and beyond and that, with determination and focus, we can create a world that empowers women everywhere. As a devoted mother of one, her ability to balance her work and family life efficiently proves her commitment to success.

Written in partnership with Nick Kasmik