Inside The World Of Alexandre Mourreau: A Successful Entrepreneur And Collector

Photo Credit: Image Courtesy of Alexandre Mourreau

Imagine being offered the latest Lamborghini and getting your hands on the model right after its launch. Well, that’s the life Alexandre Mourreau enjoys. But don’t be confused: The road to achieving this height of success wasn’t easy. Alexandre is a Swiss-Italian social media influencer and entrepreneur behind multiple companies like Future Photography. He is well-known for sharing his passion for cars and creating unique content on social media. He also participates in many events and enjoys taking risks, such as driving a Lamborghini with summer tires in the Swiss mountains.

While Alexandre enjoys his life of popularity and supercars, it’s not an easy life to grind every day. So, let’s hear his story in his words.

Your education qualifications don’t match your current profession. So, what inspired you to take this profession?

My dream was to work in the cinema industry. Imagine! But life chose otherwise, and I can’t say I regret it. But who knows, I might always have time. My education was mainly a mix of business administration, finance, and marketing. They all gave me knowledge and power that I use in everything.

Today, I live and work involving my different passions, and it feels like a dream. Surreal! But there is an incredible amount of responsibility and stress. But hard work becomes a true pleasure when you love what you do and when you are in such a strong rhythm.

Succeeding and growing in what you love doing is priceless.  Since my youth, I’ve been a true collector of many things, and, with time, all of that evolved. Today, I invest and collect aggressively in everything I love – art, luxury products, supercars, and watches while developing and constructing a real estate business that gives me the possibility of doing so.

On top of that, I founded and co-founded different types of companies and businesses, like an event company and a media company, where I associate my passion for supercars. I worked in different businesses until finding the right road for me. From the start, I knew I had to create and develop ideas that may not have existed back in the day. I always had big ambitions and big eyes for doing big things. I wanted more, and always aiming for the sky was the objective in everything I was doing. Also, I’ve always been great at putting people together and connecting them. I also believe building an international network is the key to many things!

We also heard about your involvement with popular artists and the event in Geneva. Can you share more about your involvement in the world of art?

I live for art! Art is one of my biggest passions, and I’ve made my home almost like a museum. Today, I just can’t stop buying and investing, and more importantly, sharing all this with the closest people in my life when they come for a visit or dinner. Talking about it, educating, and sharing are my biggest happiness. This is how much art is important to me.

The event in Geneva you’re talking about was extraordinary and so much fun! It was a big collaboration for all of us. We did a live show in front of more than 1000 people in one of Geneva’s biggest galleries with Alec Monopoly, who tagged and painted one of my supercars, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The kind of event you don’t see every day.

You are very active and popular on social media. Is there any particular reason for this?

Absolutely! I love to share and motivate. To influence in the right way and positively share so many things means a lot. Making people dream and pushing them to be better and stronger is important. It is also an incredible way of connecting with people and meeting new friends with the same ideas and passions!

Today, social media has opened many doors in the car world and other markets, giving me unbelievable memories, including participating in many events and rallies, meeting people, and networking in different countries where you feel welcomed every time you go. It brings people together, and that’s beautiful! Also, social media gave me opportunities to share and create amazing exclusivity and collaborate with the biggest brands like Bugatti and Jacob & Co. recently.

With my company Future Photography, we did quite a lot of marketing and produced stunning content for brands to use. We had fantastic clients like Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, amongst many more!

Today, your different portfolios are incredibly massive, and their quality is rare and impressive. Can you give us more insights, and what is your goal?

I aspire to expand my real estate business and development beyond Europe. I want to invest in Dubai. Hopefully, this will be the next big step in time. Art and watches are very important to me and play an incredible role in my life, like cars. I want to collect and invest as much as possible in those passions, so I guess the sky will be the limit. I want to make an empire with everything I do and develop and reach investments and collections beyond precedent.

I’m also proud of my watch collection. What I love in watches are open-worked, skeletonized watches. So, I could look at and study them for hours!

 To give you an example. Last year, I added the Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon to my collection of watches. Having the watch and the hypercar together is an experience in itself. Imagine driving while wearing the watch and both of them being real masterpieces.

Alexandre Mourreau is highly active on different social media platforms, including Instagram. Connect with him to get a scoop on his lifestyle and any latest news.

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