CEOs Share Their Peak Performance Secrets

In order to successfully run a business, every CEO has to find the best way to work smarter instead of harder. Mental clarity and physical fitness are vital. Some CEOs simply found their ideal daily routine, while others dived deeper into biohacking (the practice of using scientific knowledge and technology to improve human health and performance). It is an emerging field that has the potential to transform our lives by enabling us to optimize our physical and mental abilities, potentially prevent diseases, and live longer and healthier lives.

By tracking our health metrics such as heart rate variability, blood pressure, and sleep quality, we can detect early signs of disease and take proactive steps to prevent it. With biohacking, we have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach health and wellness. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and scientific knowledge, we can optimize our physical and mental performance.

Joe Dispenza is a well-known author, speaker, and researcher who focuses on the intersection of neuroscience, quantum physics, and the power of the mind-body connection. He has been teaching biohacking techniques through his workshops, online courses, and books for several years.

One of the key biohacking techniques that Dispenza teaches is meditation. He has developed a specific form of meditation called “The Formula” that helps individuals enter a state of deep relaxation, where they can access their subconscious mind and make positive changes to their beliefs and habits. The Formula involves focusing on different parts of the body, visualizing positive outcomes, and feeling positive emotions such as gratitude, joy, and love. Dispenza also emphasizes the importance of lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating, exercise, and sleep. He believes that these changes can help to optimize our physiology and support our biohacking efforts.

Biohacking is about understanding the biology of our bodies, and then using everything we have available to us to create a better life. It’s about optimizing our physical and mental health through lifestyle changes, mindfulness practices, and cutting-edge technology. By doing so, we can unlock our full potential and live our best lives,” says Dispenza.

Michelle Rogers, ND, MSAOM, FDN-P

Online Practice Mentor & Biz Coach

The ultimate biohack for Entrepreneurs might not be in the form of a lightwave, temperature shock, or neural entrainment but in something much more controversial.

“What if I told you that ditching your green leafys and grabbing your steak knife, might be the best way to keep your body, energy, and mental acuity optimized?” Says Michelle Rogers.

Plants are well-equipped with built-in defense systems in an attempt to ward off hungry animals and pesky insects. These naturally occurring pesticides can cause irritation and damage to our gut lining leading to inflammation and the development of chronic issues. Think about it, humans have been eating meat for over 2 million years, and we’ve only been massively producing agricultural products, along with toxic fertilizers and pesticides since the early 1900s.

Simply focusing on high-quality meat, occasional dairy, honey, and fruit provides our body with the most bioavailable forms of the key nutrients perfectly designed to support our detoxification pathways while regulating our blood sugar and enhancing executive function (more energy and mental clarity).

“As always, it’s essential to tailor any approach to your own body and biology with a customized functional lab panel. This will help streamline your results and avoid unwanted guesswork,” says Michelle.

Dr. Evan Johnson

Flow Science & Peak Performance Coach

In peak performance, we are exploring the edges of the science and flow state. Biohacking is the fast-track path to success. When high-level athletes, CEOs, artists, or entrepreneurs enter the famous state called “flow”, there is an opening of the subconscious mind. Synchronization begins to happen in both hemispheres of the brain, and attunement of alpha/theta/gamma brain wave states. Furthermore, something else occurs, a phenomenon known as transient hypofrontality. The transcendence of the self and surpassing the parts of the brain that house the inner critic. In flow, the cortex draws information from the field, giving individuals a heightened sense of reality & ability to create.

To crack the codes of peak performance one must become the medicine and discover how it relates to relaxation, visualization, positive self-talk, focus, and concentration. The great mystery of life. Time seems to dilate with changes in intentionality & focus. These physiological changes that biohacking creates are both ancient wisdom & revolutionary breakthrough.

At the edges of all of this, the mystery remains. More sleep & nootropics, or meditation and breathwork? “There’s no magic formula to reach a peak state, but when you’re there, you know. The power is inside of us just waiting to be unleashed, it always has been and always will be.”

Domenik Maier CEO of iBLOXX has combined healthy habits with capitalizing on great momentum. “In today’s rapidly evolving business world, self-improvement, skill enhancement, and high performance are more important than ever. That has led me to become part of the ”before 5 AM club” (my alarm clock is set to 4:55) and dedicating time each morning to learning or improving a new skill.

By making learning a daily habit, I can stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving business world. One significant lesson I learned from playing professional basketball was the occasional experience of a moment of excellence. This phenomenon referred to a few games per year when everything just clicked perfectly. It was the perfect game where every move and shot seemed to go right, and I performed at my absolute best.

A similar state of flow also occurs in the high-paced environment of business. Recognizing when these moments of excellence occur has been essential for me. When I am experiencing that state of mind, I now consciously recognize it and push my boundaries and try to ride the wave a little further, knowing that momentum is on my side. Understanding the right timing to enhance peak performance allows me to get more done and make the most out of these moments of excellence.”

Anna Diamantakos, Founder & CEO of Liquid Sculpt

Body Sculpting Expert & Wellness Specialist

Anna Diamantakos, a postoperative expert, body sculpting specialist, and the founder of Liquid Sculpt shares her secrets to reaching peak performance after running a business for more than five years. To prevent burnout and improve efficiency, she devised strategies that helped her to attain harmony between her life and work. She believes that creating a system helps entrepreneurs achieve balance and sharpen their focus. “Overcoming negative experiences by upgrading your entire existence and once your core resources are working optimally, you can define your mission, vision, values, and dharma,” explains Diamantakos.

“I have made positive changes to a better body, an enriched diet, and a lifestyle to last a lifetime. My company’s motto is “leaving you a bit better than we found you.” I harp on the importance of ample water intake, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, the detoxing of your lymphatic system which supports our immune and digestive systems, vital supplements, and overall gut health and wellbeing. After all, that’s where it all ends and begins.”

We do not realize how much we neglect our gut and how much our metabolic health rules our worlds. I reset my mind, body, and soul by getting regular lymphatic and cryotherapy treatments from my team, at-home red light therapy, supplementing important vitamins such as magnesium and vitamin D, taking probiotics daily, and practicing gratitude and guided meditation. There is a fine line between your personal and professional life; creating boundaries helps you avoid resentment, disappointment, and anger that may build up when limits have been pushed.

“It has become essential for me to combine business, fitness, and pleasure,” says Jessica Stockman CEO of Stockmann3. I manage to do so by including little fitness routines into my business hours instead of taking complete breaks to rush to the gym which often creates more stress by challenging my schedule and overall time management. I have a stepper in my office that both gets your heart rate up and tones your body, especially the legs obviously. So while on a call, I may not always sit at my desk but instead get on the stepper instead for 10 or 15 minutes. Additionally, since I travel a lot, I always have a little container with Vitamin C powder in my purse and sprinkle it in either water or tea. It gives that subtle, refreshing lemon taste while supporting my immune system.”

“My approach to my own health is exactly what I preach to others and why we created Deep Oasis: always addressing both the body and the mind,” says Thomas Fahrhöfer CEO, Deep Oasis. “Therefore I not only make time for my physical fitness – I love sports and am also the type that always chooses the stairs over the elevator whenever possible – but also for creating those valuable minutes for mental relaxation be it via meditation or yoga. If too many meetings and traveling through various time zones are about to get the better end of me, I enjoy our VR set for quick and deep relaxation. The combination of those soothing sounds paired with relaxing virtual reality makes an immediate, profound impact.”

Alfie Best, CEO of Wyldecrest Parks and named ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ in the UK, has a simple, yet unique way of staying on top of his game: “On a daily morning schedule I go through the Business cash flows making sure the Businesses are stretching themselves constantly, this also stretches my mind, not allow my mind to become stale. The mind is like an elastic band if it’s not stretched daily it will not only shrink but become brittle and snap.”

The journey of finding paths to becoming the best version of ourselves continues.

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