Newby Teas: Naturally Flavorful, Naturally Grown

In many of the world’s countries, tea is as much a part of the culture as it is something to drink. The English greet anything out of the ordinary with the phrase “Let’s have a cuppa,” while in Japan, people devote years, and sometimes entire lifetimes, to perfecting the tea ceremony. America and other first-world countries import hundreds of millions of pounds of tea a year and consume it not only for its taste but for its health-enhancing and restorative properties as well.

Yet like many other products, not all teas are created equal. In fact, it now appears that many mass-market teas are grown and packaged in ways that actually make them harmful to human health. For one thing, large-scale commercial tea growers often use pesticides to protect their crops from insects and other pests. Tiny amounts of pesticide are then passed on to the tea drinker in every cup; as is the fluoride sometimes found in tea, and the microplastics present in the tea bags used by mass marketers— a single bag being liable to secrete billions of microplastics into a glass of hot water.

With large intakes of fluoride having been found to contribute to diabetes and liver and kidney disease, and pesticides having been identified as a cause of cancer, it’s small wonder that more and more tea drinkers, of which there are billions, are searching for healthy, often organically grown, alternatives. Among the companies producing these alternatives is the British firm, Newby Teas, dedicated to preserving high standards of taste and quality while guaranteeing their products remain free of harmful additives.

Newby is largely owned and overseen by N. Sethia Foundation, a charitable medical research group that ensures the tea’s purity by subjecting it to rigorous testing using its own meticulous standards as a yardstick. In accordance with these standards, Newby makes certain all its teas are Eurofin certified prior to their making their way to market— a process made easier by the fact all Newby teas are selected from either prime or second flush production.  Add to this the fact that Newby’s tea bags are made from natural materials and therefore microplastic-free, and you have a tea that’s eminently safe to consume.

Of course, it’s one thing to know your tea is healthy, and another for it to taste like something you’d want to drink on a regular basis. To ensure the best-tasting teas, Newby employs tasters whose job it is to evaluate thousands of cups made from tea leaves grown by different growers. Only the finest and most delicious of these make it into the Newby family, guaranteeing you’ll get not only an additive-free product but one that will become a staple of your daily tea consumption.

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It’s a visual treat that we suspect will make you want a cup asap. And although the first sip of Newby tea will provide all the sensations needed to enjoy it, it should set any health-conscious tea-drinker mind at rest that they’re drinking a tea that’s received the highest accreditation that can be awarded by the BRC Global Standards, as well as an A+ for its compliance with HACCP standards.

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