Terry McGinnis – The New Face of Selfless Entrepreneurship and Technology


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery

The age of old entrepreneurship is gone and a new decade is upon us with magazine covers of billionaire entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos being replaced by ones with entrepreneurs such as one Terry McGinnis. The real-life counterpart to his animated series adaptation in the popular Warner creation of Batman Beyond. As more and more people lose hope in the fabric of modern-day society there are a few that want to rise out of the shadows, sacrificing everything to better the lives of many although he himself views both Jeff and his brother Mark Bezos as a great deal of inspiration, and as the two heroic figures that had inspired his own entrepreneurial journey.

With a penchant for altruism and a genius level of intellect, he aims to provide everyone with the ability and a chance of creating and building through means of e-commerce. Teaming up with his best friend and another genius technologist, Siraaj Ahmed, they took on the likes of Amazon and eBay to show that it is possible to go toe to toe with giants as long as you have heart and passion. Now he aims to translate this knowledge, passion, and love for good to help as many as possible. To right the wrongs of the technology and specifically the e-commerce industry. One which has been inaccessible to the average person.

His company, Online Shop, describes their goal of becoming the next step of technological evolution, utilizing the power of things such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, not to drive profit to shareholders and other stakeholders but to help the average person by making it the most accessible and affordable solution on the market.

On his own personal website, Terry describes the journey and the challenges which he and his partner had to go through, and the sacrifices which had to be made in order to realize this vision for good.

Society needs a vindicator, one that they can look up to, perhaps not even agree with him on some points but believe and have hope that his mission of trying to do good can remind everyone that there are people such as Terry who care, love and want everyone to succeed through own self-sacrifice and belief in the good of humanity itself.

Against an army of shadowy corporations and faceless suits who exploit the average person, Terry can be seen as a vindicator, a purveyor of good with a mission of justice, reminiscent of Brandon Lee’s ‘The Crow’ character, with values represented we would only find in pages of comics such as his namesake, Batman. The battle between good and evil has begun. A legacy in the making and a story that will be studied by college students and lauded by professors for generations to come.

Written in partnership with Tedfuel