Zach Lu on Horology’s Long-Lasting Future

Watch-collecting may seem like a niche hobby temporarily buoying the dying industry of luxury horology, defunct in the age of mobiles that double as timepieces. However, Zach Lu, New York watch collector and horometry enthusiast (@zachattack__25 on Instagram) is confident in horology’s future horizons. “It’s not going away,” he said before he went on to describe routinely meeting starry-eyed new collectors, yearning to build their intelligence and reputation in the watch vista. And indeed their determined discerning presence, and the rapidly multiplying followers on Zach’s social media which chronicles his collecting journey are proof enough that the public’s flame for luxury horology still burns bright. And, according to Zach, haute brands–such as his favorites Patek Philippe and Richard Mille–commit to fulfilling the rabid desire for innovative pieces and ensuring their unforgettable topicality. The cycle of give and take between manufacturer and collector is therefore deep and unending.

Zach Lu, in fact, described the special character and complex modus operandi his favorite brands use to satisfy their still-growing client base and establish their place in the future. Patek Philippe for example, continually re-earns its status as one of the watch world’s hottest manufacturers by regularly refurbishing their machinery with high-quality technology that seems to blend seamlessly, with their traditional hand-crafted delicacy. According to Zach, Patek watches represent both the past and future and are a fusion of Patek’s storied heritage and new innovation. And the rich tradition painstakingly embodied in each piece lasts; the Patek motto, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation” is apt. Zach Lu, who differentiates between sporty and classy watches in his collection, further adds that Patek has “class for days” and entirely satisfies his ardor for sophisticated pieces. In fact, some of his most cherished timepieces are Patek creations; he acquired their second perpetual calendar chronograph, the legendary yellow-gold 2499 first series, and their most complicated wristwatch, the elegant white-gold Grandmaster Chime 6300. He also nabbed the limited edition Tiffany Nautilus 5711 with its astounding Tiffany-Blue dial co-signed by both Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co.

Richard Mille–also revered by Zach Lu–is an emblem of the future. Zach talks with awe of their “futuristic appearance” and their “inventive designs”; the plethora of material that forms the basis of their design is also astonishingly innovative. He currently owns several RM pieces including the stylish limited edition Rafael Nadal RM 27-04. He also frequently dons his “favorite sapphire” of all time, the 52-05 Pharrell Williams Sapphire, with its statement transparent dial adorned with a vivid illustration of planet Earth viewed from Mars. All RM pieces sit in the sporty section of Zach’s time storage.  They’re “perfect for daily wear,” he said, and “I’m going to be interested in Richard Mille pieces for a long time”

Zach Lu, who hasn’t felt a particular need to venture beyond Patek and Richard Mille, although he has “great respect for other watchmakers” adds that he knows intimately, from frequently connecting with high management in both brands, that their future is indeed secure. According to Zach, the brands themselves, like their watches, are long-lasting and reliable.

Written in partnership with Ascend