Oscar Guerra Serves A Double Dose Of Positivity Through Partnerships And Content Creation

Everyone has a story, but it takes courage to share that story. Our deepest, most interpersonal thoughts shared on social media takes vulnerability to the next level. For entrepreneur, designer, and social media influencer, Oscar Guerra, sharing his life online jettisoned him on a journey towards a life-changing ‘aha’ moment. Beginning with short-format videos to entertain his viewers, Guerra transformed digital landscapes into a hyper-personal space for community. It wasn’t about the videos, it was about the people.

Guerra began his digital content quest using Vine as a source of amusement for himself and anyone who took six seconds to stop and smell the roses. His charismatic charm and on-screen adventures generated steady growth and a dedicated fanbase, and when Vine became obsolete, he transitioned to other platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Guerra became more aware about his content in order to remain relevant to his ever-growing fanbase while staying true to himself. His posts were fun and engaging but wholly authentic and honest. Followers were granted a behind-the-scenes look into Guerra’s real life, not fictitious scenes built for the camera.

At times, Guerra’s messages were poignant and emotional. He shared personal experiences to communicate important, heartfelt messages, like “don’t drink and drive” or “don’t give up on yourself.” He brought home the point that influencers can’t always be “on for the camera” or always “put on a brave face.” Life doesn’t work that way, and Guerra made it a personal mission to illustrate this reality to his followers.

Likewise, Guerra had the insight to find the fun in the realities, too. He’s shared life stories, including his adventure to the Rams training camp, mixing the perfect margarita, and showing what it’s like to have an active military dog with his jaws clenched to your arm. Yes, that first chomp hurts even when you wear the bite suit.

Guerra took a brief break from social media a year ago to recharge and refresh his approach to ensure the messages remained authentic. He needed to confirm his content was about recognizing his followers, no matter what demographic they belonged to. Anyone willing to watch was essential in Guerra’s content creation. What also came from that reset was Guerra’s aforementioned ‘aha’ moment. He was determined to create an enterprise that encapsulated his core values: strength, passion, determination, inspiration, and positivity. What better way to do that than produce a clothing line to speak his message?

Unbroken is Guerra’s minimalist, athletic-streetwear brand, the brainchild from the times he spent away from the screen. He is committed to reminding followers that when things are out of control (like during the Covid shutdown, for example), one must be quick on their feet to adapt to an ever-changing environment. The clothing line is his way of sharing a message that he knows his followers need to hear. You are accepted. Period.

Unbroken reflects Guerra’s vision that he believes in the power of human potential. The company fashions exceptional clothing to inspire extraordinary people to create their life stories, not for the internet, but for themselves. Guerra’s classy and functional apparel supports the company’s powerful mantra: put one foot in front of the other, keep pushing, never stop, and don’t give up.

Guerra’s two worlds co-mingle in a glorious mix of apparel and authenticity. He wants to encourage his followers and customers to live healthy and sustainable lives. Through Unbroken and his social media posts, he fosters the idea of instilling positive habits daily that will stimulate physical and mental well-being. He knows through personal experiences that persistence and dedication in the face of physical and mental hardships eventually pay off for the better. Sharing those real and raw experiences in the form of content on his platforms proves to his followers he’s the real deal.

Guerra stays humble and hungry by reading the comments on his posts and staying engaged with his community. That commitment to connection makes him a powerful force, with 115k Instagram followers and 100k subscribers on YouTube.

When Guerra started his social media journey, he had no set goal for his content other than short-term entertainment. But when he began to be noticed and his following increased, his purpose was revealed: share his life story to entertain, inform, and inspire. But he also wants his followers to remember that there’s more to life than the internet. The merging of his influencer storytelling with Unbroken fulfills his goal to help people live life to the fullest, no matter who they are or their life experiences.

Written in partnership with Enclave & Key