Horse Power At Your Wrist: ZINVO x DODGE Collaboration

The American Dream comes in many shapes and forms for every citizen. For Borys Khudomaka, founder of Zinvo Watches, the American Dream has taken the form of the tremendous success that his company has enjoyed. Over the years Zinvo has collaborated with many different brands resulting in unique and exquisite timepieces, but the most recent collaboration is with Dodge. The serendipitous partnership between one of America’s most notable car manufacturers and the result of a true American Dream success story makes way for a meaningful and collectible wristwatch.

The Zinvo story originated during the time when Borys was in college, he discovered that the existing watches on the market were simply designed and way too expensive for a student. Since 2014 in Los Angeles, the brand’s unique Blade Collection has been shipped to over 130 countries.

Zinvo x Dodge collaboration brings together each of the brand’s coveted models to create an iconic watch worth adding to the collection. The two design teams made a joint effort to bring the legendary DNA of American muscle right to your wrist, creating the Zinvo Blade x Dodge SRT Hellcat model. Known for their ability to reinvent what a timepiece can be, the Zinvo team has incorporated many references from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat into the watch’s design, including the use of the same leather as the one used in the interior of the vehicles and the same seat belt webbing. The watch is part of the famous Blade collection and is a one-of-a-kind timepiece with a unique 1-second spin turbine. Powered by an automatic movement and featuring a 44mm stainless steel case, the Blade collection stands out and is notably a Zinvo original.

People who are passionate about timepieces and powerful cars can connect their two passions through this watch. Bringing the edginess of the famous muscle car to the wrist with the already edgy blade watch, represented a challenge that the craftsmen from Zinvo managed to accomplish without any problems. They have proven themselves to be among the most skilled in their field, an achievement so unique because it has never been done before.

This unprecedented collaboration with Zinvo x Dodge brings us a watch that encapsulates the expression of a high-horsepower machine. We invite you to explore Zinvo’s website to be among the lucky 500 who will be able to proudly add one to their collection.


Zinvo Team


Written in partnership with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine