Clase Azul México Reveals New Hospitality Arm, Clase Azul Destinations

Mexican luxury brand, Clase Azul México, has announced a new hospitality arm, Clase Azul Destinations, which is set to offer unique spaces where the brand will come to life through extraordinary experiences inspired by an Exquisite México. 

Photo Credit: Clase Azul México

Clase Azul México continues its 25th anniversary celebrations by opening the doors of Clase Azul Los Cabos, an expansive luxury destination which will include a boutique, restaurant, bar, omakase experience and more. Clase Azul los Cabos will allow guests to experience the most authentic expression of the brand starting in October 2022 in San José del Cabo. 

News of the organization’s new hospitality arm closely follows announcement of the new brand identity and transformation from Clase Azul Spirits into Clase Azul México. This was inspired by the company’s mission to diversify its offerings and increase global exposure to Mexican culture.

“We exist to captivate the world through the magic of Mexican culture, and our distillates are just the beginning,” says Arturo Lomelí, founder of Clase Azul México. “We want to create spaces where our brand comes to life.”

Photo Credit: Clase Azul México

Clase Azul Los Cabos is inspired by the encounter between land and ocean and incorporates its natural surroundings to complement a welcoming, contemporary space which includes:

Clase Azul La Terraza: Clase Azul México’s in-house Creative Chef, Iván Arias, curated La Terraza to feature dishes born from his and his culinary team’s gastronomical journey through La Baja. All ingredients are sourced regionally, forming a network with local producers to promote practices like sustainable business and fair trade.

Clase Azul EL Bar: While the brand is accustomed to enjoying tequila and mezcal neat, at El Bar, Clase Azul will now offer guests an adventure through mixology with Beverage Strategist Sheila Zenteno. Zenteno has created exquisite cocktails from a selection of their spirits for the first time. Inspired by delicacies unique to the region of La Baja, these artful cocktails promise to be a delightful exploration of select Clase Azul icons.

Clase Azul Omakase: Omakase at Clase Azul Los Cabos is a fusion cuisine bar born out of love for the diverse culinary influences that create the singular gastronomic expression of La Baja. Clase Azul’s gastronomic collective reinterprets the exquisite dishes of this region through unique flavors from across Mexico. Inspired by the Japanese custom of omakase, the guest places their trust in the chef’s hands by allowing them to choose what will be served, this experience will allow you to observe the chef prepare a delicious 14-course menu before your eyes.

A Taste of Culture: Launched in 2021, A Taste of Culture takes guests on a multi-sensory tasting journey of Clase Azul’s tequilas and mezcals, allowing them to connect intimately with the flavors and culture of México. During the theatrically inspired experience, guests will taste five Clase Azul icons along with pairings specially prepared to enhance the tasting notes of each spirit. With only eight spots per seating, A Taste of Culture ensures an intimate and interactive experience.

Clase Azul Boutique Los Cabos: The newly re-imagined Boutique at Clase Azul Los Cabos offers a rich and intimate experience where guests will have the opportunity to acquire the brand’s icons as well as rare limited editions not available elsewhere.

Joining the Boutique in Clase Azul Los Cabos is the recently opened Clase Azul Boutique Los Cabos Airport, which extends the Clase Azul experience to travelers on the international departure level of Terminal 2 of Los Cabos International Airport.

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Photo Credit: Clase Azul México