Samuel Hagai is Taking the World by Storm with His Hyper-Realistic Murals

The Israel-based graffiti artist, Samuel Hagai, is, quite literally, taking the world by storm with his outrageously hyper-realistic murals and paintings. His works of art have been turning heads across the world and have been displayed in many art galleries and public spaces. Samuel Hagai was born in Israel in 1982, and he began this life-long journey at the age of 12. He has an amazing talent for turning ordinary, boring spaces into fully immersive artistic wonders that captivate the viewers’ attention and imagination. His murals and paintings create awe-inspiring worlds that make you question reality.

He has created marvelous murals for Macy’s, which is a large American department store chain, and for the United States Air Force Base in New Jersey. It’s no wonder his murals are so popular, given they completely alter the appearance of their surrounding spaces and transform the mundane into magnificent places. Anyone who looks at one of his paintings feels as if they’ve stepped inside a new and magnificent reality. Samuel believes that mural paintings have the power to make you forget that you’re standing in the corridor or lobby of an office building and instead make you feel as if you’re outdoors on some beautiful day with a panoramic view of important and captivating scenery.

With the growing popularity of wall art and photo ops and capturing Instagram-worthy moments being a trend, artists like Samuel Hagai are getting hired all over the globe to paint murals that could give a brand more exposure and add value to a specific location. Not only that, Samuel helps companies and brands make deeper connections with their consumers by telling their brand stories through his murals and paintings. Samuel wants to use his art as a tool to bridge the gap between these organizations and their consumers by telling them about the brands in a beautiful and interesting way.

His expertise and deep connection with art allow him to convey corporate messages and brand stories in a compelling and emotional manner. Graffiti and murals have a unique ability to create art that carries the essence of the brand and becomes an integral part of consumers’ lives, especially when done by an expert like Samuel. He has mastered hyper-realistic and surrealist art for nearly three decades and has become one of the top contemporary urban artists. He has turned corporate buildings, huge walls, and city streets into live canvases for his art and continues to explore new techniques and aesthetics with his ever-evolving style and creativity.

Samuel has a knack for demonstrating a true passion for the brand he is commissioned to create art for and taking his craft to the next level with innovative new styles and concepts. He understands the sense of identity a community has with its own city and creates art that directly speaks to that identity. According to him, there’s no better way to bring some color and life into the boring and bland corporate concrete jungles and dull cityscapes than through the form of graffiti art and murals. His portfolio is proof that his work transcends beyond the boundary of the canvas and instills a sense of community, culture, and passion into the place his art is created for.

For Samuel, art is more than a profession; art is the way he defines his existence and his passion in this world. He has shed blood, sweat, and tears for his art from the day he picked up his paintbrushes, and to this day, he has been mesmerized by the creative power of his brush strokes. He has thousands of admirers, supporters, fans, and clients who are fascinated by the way his art moves them emotionally and spiritually. After all, Samuel Hagai is one in the handful of graffiti artists who is sure to leave behind a mark not only on the streets but on history as well.

Written in partnership with Nextenco