Must-See Fashion From DEIJI DESIGN & Bearbottom Clothing

Some clothing is too utilitarian to be inspiring, and other apparel is too glamorous for day-to-day wear. The winter collections from and Bearbottom Clothing, however, find the sweet spot where fashion and utility overlap.

DEIJI DESIGN’s Belluno Boot is tough enough to tackle snow drifts in addition to being more than worthy of fine art. Bearbottom’s lineup for men takes on any adventure and turns heads along the way.

DEIJI DESIGN’s winter collection and the Belluno boot

DEIJI DESIGN has been a force in fashion since its New York Fashion Week debut in September of this year. DEIJI’s name is taken from the Korean word for “daisy” and refers to the brand’s mission of incorporating elements of nature into its designs. Every other month, this luxury brand features curated pieces that enhance its vision and add value to its story. The quality and design of each new creation inspire conversation.

The latest creation from DEIJI DESIGN is the Belluno boot. Its name brings to mind one of the coldest provinces in Italy. As their title implies, the fine Italian leather, quilted nylon, shearling lining, rubber soles, and full front zipper equip these boots for the most brutal winters. Crafted by premiere Italian artisans, the Belluno boot will be the go-to footwear for both elegance and comfort this winter season.

Mark Schwartz, DEIJI’s lead Creative Designer and legendary designer to the Stars, has designed boots for decades. After graduating from Julliard in the late 1970s, he took a job at a shoe boutique on New York’s Madison Avenue. At that time, he met Roger Vivier, the “father of the stiletto heel,” at a gallery opening. Vivier recognized Schwartz’s natural talent for design aesthetics and hired him as an assistant.

Vivier introduced Schwartz to Andy Warhol, and the two met on a weekly basis until the artist’s untimely death in 1987. “We sat, talked, and sketched shoes together,” Schwartz recalls. “Over the years, we became close friends. Warhol mentored me in my passion for drawing.”

During the 80s, Schwartz became an icon in the art and fashion world in the “glitterati circuit.” He leveraged his influence during the 90s to launch his own brand and shoe boutique in New York’s Soho district. During this time, he began selling paintings of his shoes — fine art collectors still seek those works out today.

Over his nearly 40-year iconic career, Schwartz has collaborated and designed for luxury fashion houses such as Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs, to name a few. He has fulfilled personal requests for designer footwear from celebrities including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Oprah, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, JLo, and Hillary Clinton as well as many others.

As DEIJI DESIGN’s Creative Director and partner, Schwartz’s distinctive artistry is evident in the brand’s handbags, wallets, belts, but especially its footwear. This winter’s Belluno Boot is no exception. It is an entirely fresh design that harkens to the artistry of the past.

The men’s lineup at Bearbottom Clothing is built for adventure

Robert Felder is the Founder and CEO of Bearbottom Clothing. Growing up on Florida’s Gulf coast, he envisioned a year-round clothing line for men that was uniquely comfortable and built for adventure. Finding nothing on the market that met his standards for durability, wearability, and style, he set out to create it. When he launched Bearbottom Clothing in January 2014, it was with a mission to make the most comfortable and versatile menswear on the market.

Bearbottom’s lineup of long sleeve tech tees, stretch henleys, crewneck sweatshirts, knit hoodies, stretch joggers, and chino pants handles the change of season in style, but Felder prefers to draw attention to the possibilities this apparel creates. “It’s not the clothes that inspire us,” he explains. “It’s what you do in them.”

The brand’s innovative fabrics provide maximum comfort for breezy fall jogs and chilly winter walks. Form-fitting, stretchy, and breathable, the apparel delivers a slim silhouette without impeding movement, bunching up, or feeling tight.

Bearbottom’s versatile stretch chino pants with convenient belt loops can be dressed up or down. This timeless slim-fit chino goes anywhere the dress code is casual. The cotton/spandex blend and elastic waistband balance style and comfort for any adventure.

Men’s stretch joggers from Bearbottom are slightly more casual. With a tapered fit, sleek texture, lightweight material, and elastic waistband, they are designed for performance. Whether walking or jogging, the four-way stretch design offers maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.

Bearbottom’s long-sleeve tech tees for men are made of a silky, smooth fabric blend that is antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and stretchy enough to allow a full range of motion. The brand’s knit loft hoodies are buttery soft and sport stylish trims, and the long-sleeve henleys midweight, four-way stretch cotton-spandex blend brings comfort and shape retention to a timeless classic.

Each item in the men’s lineup is meticulously wear-tested by the entire team before being offered for sale. Premium stretch fabrics and enhanced performance features allow Bearbottom customers to focus less on what they’re wearing and more on what they’re doing. “We have a lot of fun at Bearbottom,” Felder remarks, “but we take our threads seriously. We’re passionate about making clothes that we’re proud to wear every day.”

A chill is in the air, and people want comfy clothes that keep them cozy and fashionable all season long. DEIJI DESIGN and Bearbottom are two brands with designs sure to heat up winter wardrobes.

Written in partnership with Ascend