MoniKa Starling is the Autodidact Artist Breaking into the World of Expressionism

You will find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of innocence, wonder, and movement as you explore the modern expressionistic universe that MoniKa Starling crafts. She is self-taught and passionate about capturing private moments, experimenting with different media with a diverse color palette and aggressive, vivid brushstrokes. Through her own global exploration, she explores the human condition in her work. She strives to always enjoy herself, including the ability to make others enjoy themselves too.

“I didn’t have the luxury of dreaming as a child. Growing up in a strict family, it was almost like it was never possible. Then one day, I just started drawing, and I sold the first piece I ever made, and then I started wondering what was possible,” the artist shared.

MoniKa Starling is driven by the constant search for freedom and all it entails. She draws inspiration from adventure, bizarre topics, caricatures, music, and wild animals, with a particular spot for birds and other things. The surroundings and characters that MoniKa creates, boldly examining the whimsical, the dark, and all in between, demonstrate her statement, “Everything is a pursuit of freedom to me.”

A true artist, MoniKa is not limited to just one medium. Every platform she chooses to use to express herself, from being a recording artist, composer, and DJ to her digital and analog work, exudes her true nature and spirit. She is the very definition of a budding Renaissance artist.

“I love old-school artists. My favorite painting is “The Scream.” I hope to own it one day. I don’t paint like them, but they inspire me to be my own,” she said.

MoniKa established her own brand in order to spread the most profound, all-encompassing motivations and emotions to the world, demonstrating that humans are all experiencing the same things in the same environment, connecting us.

What separates MoniKa from others is that she is an autodidact. She is completely self-taught and had no formal training or schooling in art when she sold her first piece.

With the aid of the digital age, MoniKa has also discovered a passion for bringing people together via the creation of beauty and fantasy through her music videos, live performances, and songs. In fact, she established a strong reputation as the go-to DJ for upscale parties and events in the area thanks to her contagious energy, mastery of the turn-tables, and knowledge of popular music.

MoniKa Starling is ushering in a revolutionary phase in business and culture as an independent female artist. She proudly incorporates her multi-cultural heritage and “female strength” into her music and art. MoniKa has evolved from her origins as a young girl enthralled by all that was out of her reach into an inspirational woman who tears down boundaries and changes the minds of those who constructed them.

A self-made artist from Los Angeles who is appreciative of all the opportunities she now has, she credits much of her success to the “City of Angels,” which opened doors for her to reinvent herself via music, art, and life.

You can find Monika’s most recent creations at

Written in partnership with Maria Williams