Meet Amy Koehn: The Designer Behind the Most Instagrammable Homes

A home is not just a place of abode. It holds so many memories of family and friends, and even more, some even find solace in returning from a grueling day at work. Every home speaks about its owner’s physical and mental well-being in some way. For these reasons, people love beautifying their spaces to reflect their personalities and live beautifully. Wishing for a picture-perfect home and transforming it into a reality are two different things. People with a great sense of style and colors can fail miserably at buying suitable home furnishings. This is where professional interior designers like Amy Koehn take the lead.

With over a decade’s experience designing homes, Amy Koehn stands out for intuitively knowing her clients’ preferences and creating a lavish yet cozy homely residence. Amy Koehn became a certified interior designer at 22 and was hired by a home décor company immediately after she bagged her university degree. After working there for a few years, Koehn came on board a real estate development company, designing massive luxury homes at a custom level. Then, after gaining 15 years of experience working as an interior designer for a developer, Koehn started her design company, “Koehn Design,” last year.

Earlier she worked on nearly 150 projects yearly, but she’s looking to cut down on projects to devote her utmost attention to her clients to deliver outstanding designs that not only meet but exceed their expectations. For Koehn, designing a home is a dream come true; thus, she doesn’t leave it to the capable hands of the firm; rather, she interacts and follows each project as personally as possible. As proof of this, she interacts directly with the clients and keeps them in the loop regarding the entire planning and execution process. In addition, she employs the best hands on each project; in this light, junior designers are excluded to ensure that clients get what they desire and nothing less.

Although many people now rush to popular interior designer brands like McGee & Co. to drench their homes in luxury, Amy Koehn stands out in this industry by offering designs that are as lavish as McGee & Co. yet feel homely, as opposed to a studio feel. After all, what is the point of having a home that is so luxurious it doesn’t feel worthy of living? Although Koehn’s clients appreciate her sense of style and design in all ramifications, they often comment on its relativity and closeness to the median Coast style. It has a touch of artistic elegance that adds to the extravagance while preserving a personal home’s comfort and coziness. Koehn’s designs are more like the sets of TV shows but more home-like and livable.

Amy Koehn undertakes home décor projects, from custom-built ones to homes where owners want extensive renovation. She works with architects to offer frequent consultations on the nitty-gritty of homes, like arches specification and citing or kitchen layout in customized projects. Those who want a magic touch to their homes can consult her online right from their couch with a glass of wine and see their picture-perfect home come alive. Besides planning the interior design, Amy Koehn ensures complete execution of the project to the end, where the client gets a ready luxury home to walk in without worrying about how many magazines to keep on the coffee table and where to put the vase. For Koehn Design, it’s all about the details.

Unlike big brands storming the interior design industry at present, Koehn Design, under the passionate leadership of Amy Koehn, wants to bring a personalized touch to every home to reflect its owner’s personality. Amy Koehn always focuses on providing outstanding service that lets her clients shop successfully with value and efficiency in mind while creating a formal design they can’t stop admiring. She hopes to continue with this approach to scale up Koehn Design among the top names in this industry.

Written in partnership with Ascend