Marc Devisse’s Journey to Success Is an Inspiration for Many

Setting up a successful business and making a difference in the market requires persistence and effort. The construction industry goes through rapid changes, and the Covid-19 pandemic impacted many businesses, including those in construction. But Marc Devisse has been committed to his objectives and continues to keep pushing forward.

Marc is a dedicated businessman, philanthropist, and adventurer and has an inspiring journey of how he got to where he is. He has been listed in Business Observer’s 2017 Forty Under 40, The News-Press’ Young Professional of the Year finalist, and the Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Marc has run his company, Tri-Town Construction since he was 22 when he decided to work to achieve his dreams. From surviving the recession to dealing with extensive paperwork without significant experience, Marc tackled it all. In 2019, he decided to enter the food and beverage industry and worked hard to launch his restaurant and bar. It was due to launch in mid-March 2020. However, this was when the pandemic hit the world, and things changed for the worse.

Working with an enthusiastic team that believed in Marc’s vision helped him keep his dream alive, and they successfully made it through the pandemic. Marc has never been afraid to try new industries and explore his options, which has been the primary reason behind his success.

What makes Marc stand out from the crowd is his dedication to working for the community and helping those in need. To further assist others, he is currently running for city council in the Bonita Springs election, which is set to happen on the 8th of November, and his campaign is going strong.

Marc has also been a major part of donation drives, beach clean-ups, cancer awareness, and bringing in clean water for those in need. He and his team have also donated about $1,500 to Captains for Clean Water to restore and protect aquatic ecosystems. Marc firmly believes you can only benefit from extending a helping hand and giving back to the community.

The accomplishments Marc has managed to achieve are remarkable, and many can take inspiration from them. He advises others to remain present in the moment and take as many pictures as they can to later cherish. Furthermore, he also believes that failure is part of life. Pondering over failure for too long can prove counter-productive, which is why letting them go once you’ve learned the lesson is necessary.

Marc has taken most opportunities to learn and grow. He advises others to do the same if they’re looking to chase success. Despite everything he has achieved, Marc isn’t ready to stop just yet. He has various objectives set for the future.

Being able to grow a personal brand throughout the USA is something Marc is working immensely hard toward and aspires to accomplish in the coming years. He wants to be known for the quality of his work and for people to look to him for guidance as he has established himself as a leader. Marc plans to assist others in expanding their businesses and building companies from scratch.

Written in partnership with Ascend