Justin Giles: Real Estate Investing Is an Art

Real estate investing offers a lucrative opportunity for people who want to invest in their future. With an estimated value of 3.69 trillion in 2021 (according to Grand View Research), it is an industry that has a piece of cake for everyone. And while it seems complicated to outsiders, it can be pretty simple once the person gets the basic ropes.

The tactic is simple – find a house, renovate it, sell it for a profit, and repeat. Couple that with a few tricks of the trade and it should work every time. Right or wrong? To get to the point where every deal is a success, Justin Giles points out that a person investing must master the art of real estate investing. “Real estate investing may seem simple and straightforward on paper.  However, a lot of people trying to get in the business of flipping houses end up taking major losses because they are buying trash deals and overspending;” says Giles. “Finding the RIGHT deal is what gets you the success and for that, you need to understand the art of real estate investing.”

Justin Giles is a real estate investor who weathered many storms, including the housing bubble and market crash in 2008. He knows the industry’s every nook and cranny. As he explains, to be a great real estate investor one must know their markets, know how to find deals others can’t, build a great team of contractors, and never over-improve your properties. Always renovate properties to match the area.

Finding deals is hard for a lot of people in the current market we are in, but not for Giles. He has developed an array of special tactics that allow him to find amazing deals regardless of market conditions. Giles says “I had to learn a lot of hard lessons to develop these recession-proof strategies on acquiring amazing deals to generate profits. Now I mentor new investors so they can get straight to the profits, without certain hardships I had to face.”

Giles explains a lot of his methods are built to help even the sellers of the homes he buys. “For example, you might have a house that somebody owns, but they’re about to be foreclosed on tomorrow. Many would say that it’s an impossible situation, but there’s an art to stopping that foreclosure and having the bank even pay the seller to avoid foreclosure!”

It all boils down to knowledge, and with over 17 years of experience as an investor and real estate broker, Justin Giles explains that there are over 100 different ways to make the best out of bad situations, and that’s where the knowledge comes into play.

“Every day, people pass away, get divorced, file for bankruptcy, go into foreclosure. But you need to be trained to sniff out a good deal and know what tactic to use to come out on top. The possibilities are endless. It’s something I teach all my mentees,” says Giles. “Essentially, many people don’t understand a lot of the legality that comes behind buying property. And they don’t understand how to structure certain deals when it comes to buying property, given the situation. But knowing how to make that happen is what differentiates the average investor from the best in the world.”

Written in partnership with Tom White