Bryan Sumardi Holds Events to Build the Network and Trade Opportunities in Real Estate

Networking is a spectacular way to meet new people and create new opportunities. Today, real estate networking has grown in popularity because they help many investors align themselves with the latest industry trends. Attending events and networking are a surefire way to grow your business and expand your trading opportunities. These avenues help you understand the nuances of getting into the circles of key industry players and the market dynamics.

Bryan Sumardi is a marine veteran and real estate investor taking networking for investors to another level. His events mainly revolve around small business owners and people looking to purchase their first or another property. In addition, Bryan doubles up as a personal trainer and loan officer from Rockville, Maryland. Although he grew up and lives in the USA, Bryan has roots in Indonesia. He served in the United States Marine Corp Reserve between 2012 and 2018.

Bryan developed his leadership and physical training skills during his six-year tenure, and immediately after leaving the marines, he established a personal training and apparel company called SumoLifts LLC. As an investor, Bryan later ventured into real estate and stock market investment. Having a flair for the media, he also started a podcast called “The Catch Up”, which delves into the backgrounds of people of interest.

As a loan officer and real estate investor, Bryan builds his business eccentrically. He shares that during his tenure in the Marine Corps in San Diego, CA, he learned many helpful things and leveraged his experience to implement them on the East coast (DMV DC metro area). Due to his Indonesian background and experiences, many people find Bryan exceptional, which allows him to have fun, blend in with any culture, and, in due course, help more people.

Bryan observes that open houses are among today’s most common real estate events. Equally, some realtors take their open houses to a different level by inviting neighbors, offering games, prizes, and catering. Such events are a considerate way to influence other people in your area who may think about selling their home through you when they see how well you market your existing catalog. He adds that the events offer an excellent opportunity to relate with people who will soon be entering the real estate market.

The marine veteran does not shy away from sharing his achievements. He takes pride in being a part of the Marine Corps for six years, receiving recognition at Infantry as the 4th LAR – LAV Crewman 0313/0311, and MD State Junior powerlifting record breaker – 66kg class. Besides, Bryan helped open LA fitness in Ashburn before the pandemic.

To the end of making a name for himself in the industries, Bryan leveraged social media and consistently worked on innovating rather than paying attention to people who criticized him. He also immersed himself in various cultures – being a part of a Quincenera, learning how to dance, starting a podcast, and looking up to his mentors, i.e. Joe Rogan, David Letterman, and Larry King.

According to Bryan, you should find the best in someone you admire until they let you down and then find another person. “Rinse and repeat until all of your idols become your rivals. Enjoy the competition,” he asserts. Bryan looks forward to having zero housing expenses and a life worth living in the coming days.

Written in partnership with Ascend