Do You Have What It Takes to Make it in the Music Industry?

A lot of people have a dream of becoming an internationally recognized recording artist but few people know how much work is actually involved in realizing that dream. This is why it never becomes a reality for many of these people. But, if you actually have talent and are ready to do the work needed, there’s a real chance that you could get discovered or build a great independent career for yourself. You do have to know what the job entails and make sure that you’re ready for the road ahead, however. Let’s take a look at some of the traits and aptitudes you need to make it in the industry.


We know that being a recording artist may seem easy from the outside in, but there isn’t a single successful artist who had longevity in this business without a strong work ethic and discipline. As a performing artist, you have to be ready to constantly work on your craft, skills, and live performance. You have to be on time for assignments and interviews as well.

Good artists spend hours and hours refining their work and many obligations come with a record contract. This is why we suggest that you look more in detail into the responsibilities you will have as an artist. Especially performances and media commitments.


Versatility is another very important trait to have in this business. Being a performer is great, but being a performer, songwriter, and composer is even better. The industry loves artists that can wear multiple hats at once and having a wide set of skills will make it easier for you to release music at the beginning when you don’t have the funds to hire help.

One of the things we suggest all artists do is start learning production and a little bit of sound engineering. Modern tools allow virtually anyone to record vocals without an expensive studio too. All you need is a good DAW, a good mic, and a preamp, and start searching for a few plugins to enhance your tracks. One we suggest you pick up right now is Antares’s Auto-Tune Pro. Plugins like these will allow you to start beefing up your vocal tracks and make them come off as more professional.


You cannot be in the music industry if you can’t take rejection. You’ll most likely hear “no” much more often than “yes” and you have to be ready to be turned down over and over again before you get your big break. Some artists out there had to wait years and literally release dozens of projects before they were able to get recognition, so this is something you have to be ready to deal with.

People Skills

Knowing how to work a room and network will also go a long way in this business. People sign artists because of their music, but also because of their personality, and someone with an electric personality will have a much greater chance. Knowing how to charm people will also get you in the right rooms with the right people and allow you to show them what you’ve got.

The music industry is a tough one to get into, but it’s not impossible if you have what it takes and are ready to do the legwork. You do have to assess early if you have the talent level needed to succeed, however.

Written in partnership with Dzhingarov