Long Live Campiello: An Exclusive Interview With Campiello Naples Chef Chase Barrett

Live Long Campiello: An exclusive interview with Campiello Naples Chef Chase Barrett and his decade long tenure with D’Amico & Partners. 

Chase Barrett is the Chef of D’Amico & Partner’s Campiello in Naples Florida. Chase has been an employee of the company for nearly ten years. He is a graduate of The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Majoring in Culinary Arts. After graduation Chase worked in cities such as Pittsburgh and Chattanooga before moving to Naples. This is where he honed his culinary skills. Working with Chefs like Derek Stevens of Union Standard, Justin Severino of Morcilla, and Daniel Lindley at Alleia. We had the opportunity to hone in on his hospitality experience and dream job at Campiellos. Campiello features a rustic contemporary Italian menu featuring savory meats cooked over open fire, pizzas from the wood-burning oven and modern interpretation of traditional Italian dishes. Each month, the nuances of regional Italian cooking are presented with Campiello’s regional “Tour di Italia”, a changing menu developed to honor the depth and breadth of the cuisine. 

Photo Credit: Darren Miles

Haute Living: What are your inspirations for Campiello’s?

Chef Chase Barrett: At Campiello’s we try to pull inspiration from traditional Italian dishes while putting our own contemporary touch on it. We design our menu to be seasonal, while using as many local ingredients as possible.

HL: How did you get into the restaurant industry at Campiellos becoming the executive head chef?

CCB: I have only ever wanted to work for the best. Moving to Naples, I found the best was D’Amico and Partners. Campiello’s had the reputation for being the best Italian restaurant in the city. After working for the company for almost 10 years and opening multiple properties, I was asked to be the Executive Chef of Campiello’s. How could I say no? For the caliber of a restaurant Campiello’s is. This was a dream come true!

HL: Who would you love to have dinner with and why?

CCB: I would love to sit down with Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood. He has been a culinary inspiration of mine for years. I love his approach to cooking and being a restaurateur. 

Photo Credit: Darren Miles

HL: What is your favorite dish to prepare for guests?

CCB: My favorite dishes that I like to make are dishes that we do not have on the menu. We get guests that ask for certain Italian dishes that we might not have at the time. But to prepare these dishes for them and showcase our talents is what gets me motivated!

HL: When you aren’t in the kitchen, where do you spend your free time?

CCB: If I’m not in the kitchen I like to go fishing, play disc golf or just hang out at the beach.

HL: What is your own personal favorite dish?

CCB: I am asked this all the time…. I would have to say it would be something I haven’t cooked before. I like to be challenged and any chance to grow.

Photo Credit: Darren Miles

HL: What other gigs have you had (if any) besides Campiellos?

CCB: Began my culinary career in Pittsburgh. I worked at Eleven for Derek Steven. Working under many talented and successful sous chefs. After that, I moved to Chattanooga and worked for James Beard Nominated chef Daniel Lindley at Alleia.

HL: What is your favorite thing about Naples?

CCB: The city is so clean and beautiful. The locals are very welcoming and humble. It’s a simple life in Naples!

Photo Credit: Darren Miles

HL: Where did you do your culinary training?

CCB: I studied culinary arts at The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Most importantly, working in well-rounded kitchens and working for great chefs.

HL: Craziest dish you have ever tried?!

CCB: I was peer pressured into trying a deep-fried fish eyeball. Never again!

Photo Credit: Darren Miles

Campiello Ristorante is located in the heart of Naples’ Third Street South at 1177 Third St S, Naples 34102. Visit their menu and book a reservation to experience Chef Chase and all Campiello has to offer through their website here: https://campiellonaples.com