Hillary Hertzberg of Jill Zeder Group Leads Miami Real Estate Broker Dynasty

South Florida is the confluence of many unique features, every single of them capable of turning any other location into an enviable destination. Beaches and the allure of waterfront views, sunshine, year-round great weather if not for some summer heatwaves, great tax regime, a friendly business climate, yachting, and other year-round watersports, all these attractions coexist here making South Florida a true real estate haven, though understandably high-priced. The coronavirus has had a role to play in Florida’s growing popularity as the pandemic unleashed a southbound migration of finance and high-tech execs moving in droves from colder states and unsafe urban areas in search of second homes, warmer and safer ones. As a result, Florida gradually became a new hub for startups and VC companies with the inevitable uptick in real estate prices. Even now, as the market started to show signs of cooling off, the demand for real estate remains massive against the backdrop of little inventory as the population influx is continuing largely unabated creating a demand for relatively few houses for sale. A perfect seller’s market where talented and savvy realtors are bound to thrive.

Meet Hillary Hertzberg, one of the cohort of top Miami real estate professionals, a founding member, and an integral part of The Jills Zeder Group at Coldwell Banker. Hillary is also one of the Coldwell Banker Realty 30 Under 30, and a frequent guest on CBS4 Miami, NBC6 Miami channels, also on pages of Ocean Drive magazine, Realtor.com, The Miami Herald, and the Real Deal, sharing her take on the Miami’s real estate. Last year, The Jills Zeder Group posted $2 billion worth of residential real estate sales, higher than any other single group in the country. Among the priciest properties is 40 W Rivo Alto Drive sold in tandem with Hillary’s brother Danny for a whopping $23,500,000 at $4,500 per square foot. No wonder that for ten years in a row The Jills Zeder Group has been ranked the state’s #1 team for sales volume, and the #1 team in the U.S. across all brokerages, for the second year in a row, according to the WSJ’s Real Trends.

Among other notable deals, Hillary has orchestrated is the sale in 2020 of a historic home at 2505 Sunset Drive where Jill’s group represented both the buyer and the seller. In April of 2022, she sold it again for$7,450,000, setting a record per-foot price for a non-waterfront property on the Sunset Islands. Continuing her lucky streak, Hillary was instrumental in the Lakeview neighborhood’s record-breaking sale of a waterfront mansion at 554 Lakeview Drive for $15,300,000.

Herzberg has a deep-rooted connection with Miami’s real estate scene and The Jills Zeder Group as Hillary’s mother, Jill Hertzberg, is one of the original founders of the famous The Jills that merged with the Zeder family team of Coral Gables, forming The Jills Zeder Group. As lifelong Miami residents, the Jills Zender Group quite naturally has access to a vast network of mortgage brokers, interior designers, and architects; they are also familiar with schools and country clubs, the entire Miami’s residential ecosystem. Hillary and the other founding members of The Jills Zeder Group have a custom of getting together every Monday to brainstorm the issues their clients face in the market and find the best solutions together.

Hillary’s academic background helps her bring together the newest social media sales methods with the good old marketing tools such as newspapers, brochures, and leaflets. A native of Miami Beach, she went to Washington University in St. Louis and later received her MBA from the University of Miami. The digital marketing experience from her work in New York, reinforced by the knowledge obtained through the MBA course, is instrumental in Hillary’s planning of her Group’s social media campaigns and other new media initiatives.

Off the job, Hillary devotes a lot of her energy and resources to charity. Together with her brother Danny she set up the Second Generation Giving Fund in 2012, in which they have the privilege of donating to charities that are close to the hearts of their clients, amongst many others. In the ten years of the Fund’s existence, Hillary has supported Susan G. Komen, Michael J Fox Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Friendship Circle, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Youth2Youth, Lotus House, Frost School of Music, United Way, Fundación Manos del Sur, and many more.

With decades of combined insider knowledge of Miami real estate, unparalleled local network, and her team’s reputation of being the best in their unique area,  Hillary has all the making for keeping and further enhancing her leading position in the Miami real estate market. To learn more about Hillary and her Group please visit her website and Instagram.

Written in partnership with Ascend