Elisabeth Hoekstra Transforms Lives With Bio-hacking

The beginning of a journey doesn’t always determine the destination. The story of Elisabeth Hoekstra, an accomplished entrepreneur, a bestselling author, and a trauma survivor is proof. She is a role model to youth who want to turn around their life holistically without undergoing any medical program. Elisabeth Hoekstra is an expert in holistic remedies, biohacking, and different modalities that can help people pivot lives positively and start living sober.

The story of Elisabeth Hoekstra started during her childhood when she was in school. She was adopted, and sexually abused as a young child, which led her to a life of trauma. To escape her mental issues, Elisabeth started seeking pleasure in drugs and alcohol as a means of escape and soon became addicted to them. Her early school life was a blur as she floated through school easily being naturally smart, but by the time she graduated, the drugs really took hold. Even with her secret addictions, she became a successful model and actress in Hollywood.

Elisabeth had appeared in movies, popular TV shows, music videos, and mainstream magazines. However, there was a dark side of her she never turned off. This was a secret life in the streets “hustling” to support her expensive tastes. However, her luck ran out and her illegal dealings on the street ended up in a lawsuit. She has spent an extended period in jail and eventually realized the value of true life. Determined to turn her life around, she returned to school and focused more on being sober after becoming a mother.

From a “party girl”, addicted to drugs and alcohol dealing with trauma, and living a life of crime, Elisabeth is now an accomplished entrepreneur with a list of achievements in her career. She went to school at Davenport University for Business Marketing and Management. After joining Schoolcraft College for culinary arts she received her baking and pastry certificate and soon after become a Certified Working Pastry Chef (CWPC), she assisted in opening an award-winning restaurant as a pastry chef. Apart from her academic accomplishments, Elisabeth is also a licensed real estate agent who broke state records securing the most offices within the shortest period of time.

Elisabeth became the president of a mental health and wellness center quickly using the connections she made during her acting and modeling career helping to build the company in creative ways. Thanks to her efforts to bring awareness about the unhygienic water condition in Detroit schools, many schools in that region have now installed water purification systems. She is a certified expert in cell biology, and mitochondria, from the prestigious Harvard University. Currently, Elisabeth is a bestselling author and a podcaster. She is the host of a hit podcast titled Bio-Hack Your Best Life that she hosts with the famous author, Billy Carson. She also heads the company, 4biddenknowledge Inc., as the Director of Operations.

Her list of accomplishments proves that Elisabeth has not only turned her life around but has gained focus on achieving her goals. The most inspiring point in her story is that Elisabeth never went to rehab or underwent a program to become sober. She fixed her issues on her own through holistic remedies, biohacking, and modalities. Now, she is on a mission to help others find the same inspiration in life through biohacking and different modalities.

Just like a person born in poverty can become financially free with hard work and dedication in life, a person in trauma can be healed and can find happiness again. Elisabeth Hoekstra’s goal in life is to write more inspiring books in the coming years to reach people in different corners of the world. She wants them to know that no one is broken beyond repair, and her story exemplifies it.

Written in partnership with Ascend