BITAC: The Go-To Event Organizer For In-Person Events

It’s been a long, hard journey for the hospitality industry. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality sector has been on a slow and steady recovery. But as with any disaster, life moves on and eventually returns to normal. With many industries making a comeback, it is clear that in-person events are once again needed to keep the country’s economy thriving. That is where BITAC, a world-class organizer of appointment-based events, comes in. The brand prides itself on the innovation and creativity it has brought to each and every event it has produced.

The hospitality industry is a notoriously difficult one to navigate. Between the increasingly diverse demographics of the guests and the growing complexity of events, there are countless opportunities for suppliers to get lost in translation. With this in mind, BITAC provides exclusive trade events within the hospitality industry, focusing on connecting individuals and companies and building long-term relationships. BITAC’s events bring together different professionals from all over the world and they feature high-level panel discussions, networking functions and scheduled meetings.

“BITAC attracts executive-level purchasing decision-makers, owners, specifiers, and project managers from prominent independent and branded hotel/resorts, gaming, cruise ships as well as top restaurants, multi-dwelling, and master plan communities, design, architectural and purchasing firms, large corporate brands, and the most aggressive building, management and development companies that you need to know!” the brand proudly displays on its website.

BITAC’s dedication and expertly organized events have been recognized by many grateful professionals in the hospitality sector who attend their events regularly because they offer customized, bespoke packages tailored to each niche.

Lisa Sawyer, president of Budget Host Inns, noted, “It’s the best industry event there is. It’s the one-on-one meetings, and I love the assigned seating and gathering because you meet all different people. You find out you’re connected in ways you never thought you were. It’s all very well organized, well-planned and well-paced. It’s perfect.”

Kim Kushner, director of supply, Best Western International, added, “Getting to know people is the best aspect because I honestly think a lot of our deals are built on relationships. At all these events that BITAC does, they make it easy. Even the assigned seating basically gets people out of their comfort zones.”

The brand is poised to achieve more success with its upcoming events throughout the rest of the year. The goal is to equip and empower professionals in the hospitality sector with cutting-edge innovations that will change the industry for good. Those interested in these must-attend events can check BITAC’s social platforms for more information on dates and venues.

Written in partnership with Ascend