Your Sure-Fire Summer Skin Care Routine

Do you wish to learn about how to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun over the summer months? If so, it is wise to take a look at what the ISDIN, experts in photoaging have to say. This internationally recognized dermo-cosmetic firm offers a host of cutting-edge products and as a result of this expertise, they have also developed a targeted skincare routine to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Let’s have a closer look.

What Constitutes an Effective Daytime Summer Skin Care Routine?

There are several reasons why summer skincare should never be taken for granted. Not only are the rays of the sun extremely powerful, but excessive sweating can easily deprive your skin of the moisture that it requires. So, how can you ensure that your face continues to glow? Let us now examine four crucial steps which will ensure that your skin is adequately protected throughout the day:

  • Always employ a face cleanser in the morning. This will help to remove any impurities that may have gathered overnight. Gentle cleaners are optimal, as these will also tone and hydrate the skin.
  • It is next important to apply eye contour cream, as it will help to reduce any puffiness while ensuring that these sensitive areas remain hydrated.
  • After the eye cream has been applied, use an antioxidant serum to help protect the skin from free radicals.
  • Finally, regardless of where you live or the color of your skin, you should use one of the mineral sunscreens provided by ISDIN on a daily basis. This will provide your skin with adequate levels of protection while preventing moisture loss.

Of course, there are additional ways in which you can obtain healthy and glowing skin. Examples include regular exfoliators and remaining properly hydrated throughout the day.

An Effective NightTime Summer Skin Care Routine

What should you apply on your face at night during the summer? This is equally important, as the skin needs to remain nourished on a 24-hour basis. Here is some professional advice:

  • Once again, adequately clean your face so that any substances applied during the day are completely removed. This will prepare your skin for the subsequent steps.
  • Apply an eye contour cream intended for the overnight hours, as it can help to reduce the presence of fine wrinkles while further eliminating toxins.
  • Use a separated antioxidant serum to counteract any damage that may have occurred throughout the day.
  • Finally, use a nourishing moisturizer to further rejuvenate the facial skin while simultaneously helping it to recover from physical stress that may have occurred due to exposure to the sun.

Perhaps the main takeaway point here is that these routines will not require a great deal of time. However, the associated benefits are undeniable.

The Critical Role of Daily Protection

All of us enjoy being outdoors during the summer months. While there is nothing wrong with soaking up a bit of the sun, we need to remember that the dangers of photoaging are very real. These include wrinkles, sun spots, and a loss of elasticity. This is also when the power of anti-aging skin care products will come into play. From lightweight skin rejuvenation serums and overnight facial repair creams to tinted mineral sunscreen and vitamin K oxide eye cream, the professionals at ISDIN leave little to the imagination.

The science behind photoaging is continuing to evolve. As a result, we are appreciating the types of damage that can be caused by the sun. Whether you are concerned about the current condition of your skin or you have been looking for a means to protect it from premature aging, the advice mentioned above should never be taken for granted.

Written in partnership with Intera Amplify