Mickey Arora’s Rise in the World of Lifestyle Management and Luxury Event Planning

Image Courtesy of Mickey Arora with Wiz Khalifa

Climbing the ladder of success with the help of social media marketing, Mickey Arora has made a name for himself. As an India-born Spanish living in London right now, life has been a roller coaster for him.

However, by his sheer will and hard work, he’s become a renowned name in the world of concierge services. He currently caters to Bollywood and Hollywood stars, sports persons, royal families, etc., and organizes both corporate and private events.

Let’s look at his journey to becoming a young entrepreneur and a popular name in the world of concierge services.

So, Mickey did you always want to go into concierge services?

I moved with my parents to London from Spain and tried enrolling in a school. But I got rejected because I couldn’t meet my basic academic requirements.

After this, I went to the local college to get an education in music. However, it turned out to be too technical for me. At this point, I just wanted to become a record producer.

But now, here I’m in the world of concierge services and doing fairly well. From £1000 a month to seven figures feels like a long journey. But I’m still young, and opportunities are endless.

So, how did this transition from music to concierge happen?

Well, to be fair, another reason why I left my course was also that I’ve started earning about £1000 a month doing club promotions. I was already working for four to five clubs in my first year and was raking in around £100,000 by my third year.

At this point, I had the option of either starting MA Hospitality group or a digital marketing agency. I somehow did both of those things. But I found my calling in MA Hospitality. And now, I love what I do, and I do what I love.

Tell us more about MA Hospitality Group and the services you offer.

At MA Hospitality group, we cater to VVIP clients. The big names in Hollywood, Bollywood, Celebrities, sportspeople, royal family members, etc. We offer them concierge services ranging from private jets, yachts, after-parties, private gatherings, corporate events, etc.

MA Hospitality group started as a one-person army, and now we have a team of fifteen digital marketers. We continuously share ideas and help each other grow.

Tell us more about the people you work with.

As I mentioned, we work with all the VVIPs and elites. It’s a concierge service so our clientele is people who want to enjoy the luxuries.

However, due to the NDA signed with them, I cannot explicitly reveal their names. But social media is a thing and I am highly active on Instagram where I share snippets. If you know what I mean.

What is your vision for yourself and your company’s future?

I started from club promotions, and now we have numerous services like private jets, corporate events, private events, etc. We also deal with numerous celebrities and members of the royal family.

All we need to do is stay focused, add more services, and build on international partnerships. We want to expand globally and continue giving exceptional customer service while maintaining our client’s privacy.

Also, while we are doing fairly well as far as business is concerned, we want to give back to society too. We are going to start an NGO in India to help with the education of underprivileged kids.

I wake up every day doing what I love and don’t see any reason to change. I’m equally motivated as I was when I started doing club promotions. If we continue this way, I think we’ll do fairly well.

To know more about Concierge Specialist Mickey Arora, you can connect with him on Instagram.

Written in partnership with Alexa Coleman