Globalive Founder Anthony Lacavera is a Leading Entrepreneur Making an Impact on Multiple Industries

Photo Credit: Anthony Lacavera

“What’s next?” is the question that often plagues highly successful people. Guidebooks often talk about the steps to get to the top of one’s target field but seldom do resources explore what comes after “making it.” In the face of this loaded prompt, many immediately choose to sit back and enjoy the hard-earned fruits of their labor, while others opt to wield their power and influence to reach greater heights and expand their portfolios. For Globalive founder Anthony Lacavera, the choice was clear from the get-go: simultaneously support ventures and go-getters in their bid for success, and positively impact communities across the country.

A recognized entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist, Anthony Lacavera boasts a long list of achievements under his belt. This Ontario native, who grew up in a small town near the US border with his parents and sister, is most known for taking on the Canadian wireless giants with his company WIND Mobile, a telecommunications provider he sold for $1.3 billion USD.

Over the years, the respected powerhouse has impressed many because of his entrepreneurial acumen and in-depth understanding of multiple fields. His humble beginnings and the way he’s managed to carve a path toward the forefront of the world of business helped cement his reputation. Like many self-starters, Anthony Lacavera began his first company simply with determination and a vision he wanted to translate into reality. Fresh out of university, he took a small loan from the Royal Bank of Canada and, since then, has launched several companies across North America.

In 1998, Anthony Lacavera established Globalive, a startup studio and investment firm. So far, the company has supported more than 150 ventures across the globe and continues to invest in and build enterprises spearheaded by entrepreneurs who are committed to innovating and developing technology to improve and change industries. The firm has seen eight exits and three failures and launched one startup of its own. Today, Globalive is acknowledged as a leader in accelerating early-stage businesses and enabling success for founders.

Apart from standing at the helm of Globalive and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem by lending businesses and founders a hand, Anthony Lacavera also spends his time raising awareness of key issues in the field, such as fair pricing for mobile services and advancing causes that affect everyday people and Canadian communities. His purpose-driven initiatives are geared toward not only giving back but also helping contribute to the resolution of pressing societal problems.

Despite his success, Anthony Lacavera shows no sign of slowing down. On the contrary, the mentor and investor, who has been involved in accelerators and incubators like MaRS, Creative Destruction Lab, and NEXT Canada, intends to solidify his role as a success enabler and changemaker in the years to come. From transforming Canadian telecom to producing plays on Broadway and from raising billions in capital to providing a platform that propels other entrepreneurs, he is expected to play a role in more innovations to come — not excluding the newer frontier of Web3.

Written in Partnership with Business Leadership Network