Adam Multz Collaborates With Two Partners to Launch Barbershop

One school of thought within business dictates that entrepreneurs should always stick to what they know. Even serial investors, it is argued, should only commit to projects of a similar kind or in the same sector. But this rationale can’t be applied to all cases. Some entrepreneurs are lifelong specialists in their field, whereas others have more varied careers with expertise in a range of industries. The CEO of marketing agency CratosAM, Adam Multz, may fall into the latter as he has announced the 2022 launch of a new barbershop.

The location in Boynton Beach, FL, is named Sir Cutz and is open six days a week to cater to clients. It held its grand opening on June 11th, with an assortment of food trucks, DJs, and bars gracing the area. In addition to hairdressing, it offers beard grooming, royal shaves and facials, and hair graphics and designs.

Multz partnered with his brother Ross and associate Alex Rodriguez to fund the project. Sir Cutz is Multz’s fourth major venture, with an internet marketing agency, yacht charter business, and podcast already in operation. While he has had a notable career since moving to Florida from New York, stretching as far as the substance abuse and mental health field, Sir Cutz is his first foray into hairdressing-based entrepreneurship.

“Since we’ve been in Florida, my brother and I have been getting our hair cut by the same guy,” Multz explained. “Our loyalties are a big deal in that world, so we followed him when he switched barber shops and was forced to rent chairs. We realized, using our advertising services, we could help him start his own shop.”

As a marketer, Multz has made a recent significant shift towards the world of Web3. While he has been a cryptocurrency advocate since 2015, CratosAM is a relatively new venture, having only launched in 2021. It notably offers NFT creation to provide for the increasing number of businesses making preparations for the metaverse. The offering sits alongside the likes of SEO and public relations management services in the agency’s expanding portfolio.

The two businesses may not immediately appear linked, but Multz’s value to SirCutz is in funding, marketing, contract negotiation, and expertise. His signature can also be found on the shop’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin as payment for haircuts.

“Eventually, the overarching goal is to brand it to the level that we can either franchise SirCutz out or turn it into a barbering school,” Multz said. “The government gives a lot of grants for people to become barbers, so the potential it has is great.”

 Written in partnership with Ascend