XO Offers Tips For Flying Shared Private This Summer

Photo Credit: XO

XO offers the ultimate accessibility. Clients are given the ability to purchase individual seats on a private aircraft and experience the most innovative and accessible way to fly private. Shared charter flights and crowdfunded options provide the ability to share a private jet or split the cost of a private jet amongst several passengers onboard, rather than a single traveler paying for the entire flight. This can reduce the cost of chartering an entire aircraft up to ten times.

XO passengers enjoy the luxury of seamless booking. The luxury private jet charter company has reduced the private travel booking process delivering a start-to-booking experience that takes just seconds to complete – tap and fly. The XO mobile app makes travel more efficient and accessible allowing users to search any route with instant booking and guaranteed pricing right at your fingertips.

Passengers who live the XO experience will tell you it is efficient and frustration free. XO does not require long-term commitments or jet cards. Bypass the long security checkpoints and crowded cabins that can come with commercial travel and relax  in a private jet where every seat has an elevated view. Skip the neverending TSA lines, and bypass crowded commercial terminal. With XO, you will experience the convenience of boarding out of a private lounge (called an FBO) and you only have to show up 30 minutes before take-off. Before your flight, please check your XO mobile app to ensure that you have your tail number, seating assignment, and FBO address. This is always provided the day before departure.

XO strives to offer nothing but premium service. One of their ground experience representatives will be on-site to greet you, take your luggage for a controlled, external security screening, as well as let you know when it is time to board. As boarding begins, XO’s ground experience representatives and aircraft crew will collect your government-issued ID to ensure all correct parties are welcomed aboard. Once fully checked in, you’ll be escorted to the aircraft, where you’ll climb the stairs and take your seat. Next stop, the sky.

XO offers several popular and convenient shared routes:

  • New York and South Florida: this is XO’s most popular shared charter route with close to 40 trips flying between these two locations each week. Register to search, book and fly.
  • Aspen: XO is seeing flights initiated by Members to and from Aspen, from locations like Los Angeles and the New York City area. These flights are crowdfunded. Simply search and book a flight. Once the minimum number of seats are booked, the flight is confirmed.
  • Los Angeles: In addition to NY, Aspen and South Florida, XO is seeing flights initiated by members to and from Los Angeles. These flights are crowdfunded. Search, and book a flight and once the minimum number of seats are booked, the flight is confirmed.