Executive Producer Rich Fayden Gives Aspiring Musicians A Chance To Make Their Voice Heard

Photo Credit: Rich Fayden

Sometimes, it takes more than just talent to shine in an industry as competitive and cut-throat as the music business. Many brilliant musicians may get their talent taken for granted due to their lack of connections and opportunities.

Executive producer Rich Fayden knows this struggle all too well. Since 2003, the magnetic trailblazer has been one of the most prolific consultants for new musical talent. He recognizes the need for newcomers to connect to top-notch record labels, producers, and promoters. Rich shares, “I do this mainly because no one ever did it for me. I really want to help get excellent music out there, to help cut through all the clutter and the competition that’s out there now for burgeoning new artists to navigate.” Having already discovered many outstanding artists, Rich can reassure young talents that their work won’t be put to waste.

The relentless music pioneer has had his fair share of challenges as a struggling artist back then. Born in Brooklyn and raised in New York City, Rich would perform on the streets and the subways every day after school. He would also walk into the lobbies of major recording companies and sing his heart out until the security would escort him out. Until one day in 1996, as he was performing in the lobby of Atlantic Records, a man, who turned out to be Craig Kallman, former Vice President of A&R, approached him to ask who he was. Then and there, Rich was signed into a record deal.

Rich had a whirlwind of a music career, from joining several boy bands to signing more major label deals. Over the years, he naturally grew his network and built many solid relationships with some of the biggest producers in music. Rich has had the opportunity to work with some of the prominent leaders of the industry, such as Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins, Diane Warren, and Brian Malouf, among others.

In 2003, the successful multi-hyphenate started delving into Internet platforms TalentMatch and MySpace to scout fresh upcoming musicians. He firmly convinced labels, promoters, and producers that these websites were a treasure trove of promising talent. Rich went on to champion and share their work with managers and label heads, helping young dreamers inch closer to their goals. This would be the genesis for what would soon become a breeding ground for tomorrow’s superstars in the music industry, many of which Fayden discovered, such as Shawn Mendes, Jack Harlow, Halsey, Sam Smith, and Conan Gray, among others. Moreover, Rich works with notable labels and brand name producers such as Dave Aude, Oak Felder, Ian Kirkpatrick, and The Monsters and Strangerz, to name a few.

To this day, the music producer is committed to giving upcoming artists the extra push to get their foot in the door. He reveals, “If I felt these artists had something really special, I contacted them, then went about sending out their links and pitching them to music industry executives I felt might be interested in their music. I was never looking to gain any fame for it; I just did what I could to help get these artists a fair chance to be heard.” Rich is grateful to have the resources – his vast experience in the music industry and extensive network – to pay it forward, giving dreamers a real chance at finding success.

You can find more information about Rich Fayden and his works on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and his website.

Written in partnership with Business Leadership Network