Rita Lowery Is Leading The Industry With Ethically Sourced Hair Extensions

For consumers searching for high-quality hair extensions, the decision ultimately comes down to two types: authentic, human hair extensions, or plastic, synthetic hair extensions.

While synthetic hair extensions are less expensive, they also present numerous obstacles to consumers looking to achieve a natural appearance that blends with their own hair. Synthetic hair is made from manufactured plastic and the finished product, while resembling human hair, is often coarse and wiry to the touch. It is also more difficult to maintain – synthetic hair extensions do not move like natural hair, become tangled more easily, and can be destroyed if treated with color or heat.

For these reasons, luxury hair extension companies deal almost exclusively with natural human hair which has been sourced from a paid donor. Most human hair is ethically sourced – meaning a donor gives their hair willingly and is fairly compensated. Unfortunately, its value as a high-demand commodity means the human hair trade is also vulnerable to exploitation.

At RITAHAIR Extensions, owner Rita Lowery is dedicated to ensuring each one of her luxury human hair extensions has been ethically sourced from donors who are well-paid for their hair. It is a commitment that can have a life-changing impact on hair donors.

“When we are collecting hair, we want to make sure that we are doing it in a very ethical way, in a trustworthy way,” Lowery explains. “We pay very well for our hair, and people come to us much more than we go out to them.”

“They know the person who collects for me,” Lowery says. “So, people willingly want to come to us and give their hair for my line.”

Although ethical hair sourcing comes with a higher cost, Lowery says that the price is worth it to know that she is not only buying authentic, natural, human hair for her line – but that she is supporting women who may otherwise become victimized in a marketplace that can be difficult, even dangerous, to navigate.

Her clients at RITAHAIR Extensions understand and appreciate her practices as well – in fact, being known as a company that engages only in the most ethical trade practices is another area that differentiates RITAHAIR from other hair extension lines. From celebrities preparing for an important magazine shoot to people from all areas planning a wedding or other monumental event, clients come to RITAHAIR Extensions because they know it is a brand they can trust.

Not only that, but clients also understand that when they receive extensions from the RITAHAIR line, they are receiving only the highest quality human hair with a unique texture, color, and length. Lowery helps her clients find the perfect match for their style, blending the extensions seamlessly to create a natural, beautiful look.

As the owner of a luxury hair extension line, Rita Lowery has taken every step to ensure that her products are ethically sourced and thoughtfully created, giving her clients the peace of mind knowing that they are getting only the very best – every time.

To learn more about Rita Lowery and her luxury RITAHAIR Extensions, please visit www.ritaloweryhair.com or follow Rita Lowery on Instagram (@rlowery and @ritaloweryhair).

Written in partnership with Ascend