Genre-Busting Duo Land & Ammo Set Folk Music Scene On Fire With Their Self-Titled Debut Single

Photo Credit: Aaron Sharp

Bursting onto the scene and disrupting the folk music landscape, Land & Ammo is the merging of two major forces set to shake up the genre with a fresh new perspective that pushes boundaries.

Founded by the high energy, genre-bending Rob Bailey, and sultry songwriter Jake Hill; the duo takes aim at the folk genre with their latest collaboration Land & Ammo, released on May 1st, 2022. “Although Land & Ammo tells an ominous tale, the song still feels upbeat, like a battle cry.” Explains Rob. “It’s a song that energizes the listener, and encourages them to chant along.” 

Known for his work melding the frantic, otherworldly tones of upbeat electronic music with the aggressive, abrasive energy of rock, Rob Bailey’s previous music projects ‘Kill Rob Bailey’ and ‘Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard’ have seen much success dating back all the way to 2012. The independent artist held number 1 spots on iTunes charts, a peak of 6th on the Billboard charts, and 14th on overall digital sales, alongside placements with ESPN, SportsCenter, television shows, and even a remix with Busta Rhymes.

The multitalented Rob Bailey fans his entrepreneurial spirit outside of music by splitting his time as a fashion designer, business mentor, real estate investor, and podcaster, with his brand of “inspirational workout music” serving as the theme songs for his creatively flexible and hustle-hard lifestyle.

Jake Hill has been busy too, honing his skills as a longtime folk music songwriter and performing across Massachusetts. “Collaborating with Jake has been a blast. The two of us seem to fit together perfectly in this new sound, and we’re so excited to share it with the world.” Mentioned Bailey.

With a history of blurring the lines between genres and carving out a niche by using these elements, Land & Ammo are set to do the same within the folk scene.“When I picture American folk music, I feel like it’s been lacking a certain energy, but with Land & Ammo, we’re here to bring that energy.”

Land & Ammo’s self-titled debut single launches on the 1st of May 2022 through their Instagram and YouTube channel, with streaming service releases following shortly after.

Connect with Rob Bailey and Jake Hill through their Instagram pages to learn more about their exciting new project and the future of Land & Ammo.

Written in partnership with Land and Ammo