Dr. Ahmad Moukalled Gives Magnificent Results in Butt Fillers Injection


Having a wide presence with his excellence in medical aesthetics in Dubai, Beirut, Egypt, and soon Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has come a long way.

Isn’t it surreal to learn and read more about people who realize their goals much early in life and, without wasting any time, start preparing for making their name prominent in their chosen industries? Across almost all the industries of the world and the many sectors that have seen some amazing signs of growth, many such individuals and professionals have been on the rise, and it is their creative, analytical, and technical prowess and excellence that help their industries to keep growing each passing day. It won’t be wrong to say that Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is one such being in the medical aesthetics world who has done that while making sure he is even creating new waves of developments with his safe techniques.

Doing the entire facial makeover is what he excels at besides being known across the GCC as a Professional Butt Filler Injector. Dr. Ahmad Moukalled graduated from the famous American University of Beirut and became a certified professional in the medical aesthetics industry. He is certified by The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, California. The mammoth of clients he has gained so far in his career is because of the personalized approach he has offered all his patients and clients, treating them with utmost care and attention and delivering on their demands, which also led him to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.

Offering the best services, treatments, and transformations, be it for full face fillers or butt fillers, he has proved why he is considered one of the top in the GCC and has gained massive recognition in the whole of the medical domain. Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is also known for his association with some of the top aesthetic brands like BioScience, under which comes HYAcorp, and also the brand Fillmed. As a Professional Butt Filler Injector, he says that he loves transforming people’s aesthetics by giving them a more youthful and attractive result through his safe and tested treatments and techniques.

There is a lot Dr. Ahmad Moukalled aims to do in the coming years to change the medical aesthetics industry for the better and also spread his excellence in Saudi Arabia and Qatar soon. Till then, you can follow him on Instagram @drahmadmoukalled.

Written in partnership with Tedfuel