Best Of 2022: Top Companies To Watch Out For

Geedup Online

Geedup Co., the loud and proud Australian lifestyle brand, recently opened its international office in Los Angeles in 2021. The company planted its humble beginnings in West Sydney, a sprawling patchwork of cultures and identities sewn together in creative harmony. Geedup emulates a similar authority in their designs, which take streetwear to aerial levels of artistic utility and bombastic self-expression. The brand’s expansion overseas runs parallel with the growth and development of its robust inventory, which includes jerseys, trunks, jackets, and an eyewear department. Officially launched in 2010, Geedup has continued to thrive on the unity of the community, a pillar that supports its mission to stand as a powerhouse in streetwear and authenticity. In addition to a strong repertoire of its own, Geedup is also active in collaboration with fellow leaders and creatives who crave something more. Their designs have dressed athletes, artists, academics, and everything in between, and with the hyperactivity surrounding their global expansion coupled with a thirst for rebellion, Geedup is gearing up to reflect a world that demands action with no time for questions.

Texas Sun

Introduced in December 2020, Texas Sun is the passion project of Afton Seiger, a luxury piercing artist who turned her craft into a full-service, appointment-only piercing boutique. With her husband Clark, a tattoo artist, these two creatives offer an elevated experience for their customers in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Having spent 17 years traveling the globe and working closely with jewelers, Afton sought a revolutionary take on “permanent jewelry” that previously did not exist in the Sunshine State. Through Texas Sun, the Seigers bring an unrivaled opulence to their craft, dealing with only the finest jewelry, stones, and solid gold. Their studio is by appointment only, which allows every individual the opportunity to curate their own experience. With over 16 designers represented in the studio, Texas Sun surely has something for everyone. All of their jewelry meets the highest quality standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers and is always solid 18k or 14k gold. Additionally, Afton offers styling and consulting services to improve or enhance existing pieces that may have faded over time. This highly tailored approach to piercing is rare, but not unheard of. Such boutiques exist in cosmopolitan meccas like New York or Los Angeles, but there’s no denying that a Texas Sun treatment will have you sparkling beneath the Floridian sky brighter than ever before.

Golden String

Nestled in Downtown LA’s “Diamond District”, Golden String is a family affair that has enjoyed aerial success over the decades as a luxury destination for finding the right ring. Founded in 1987, Golden String has remained the envy of jewelry lovers and collectors in SoCal and beyond, defining the extent of quality by their warm approach to a historically cold industry. The Golden String team is built of professionals with a sharp eye for detail and graduates of Gemology studies, as well as members of the family. Natalie M, a fourth-generation jeweler, grew up working closely with her family’s business, learning the ins and outs of sourcing quality diamonds and stones and understanding how to spark long-term relationships with clients. Golden String excels on this front, inviting community and personal touch into the jewelry industry. This effectively separates Golden String from its competitors as customers are seen as familiar faces and trusted friends, whereas if someone asks for recommendations on the best place for an engagement ring, they know exactly where to go. Golden String takes classic opulence and treats it with modern flare, designing compelling pieces that sparkle unlike any other diamond on the market. Their dedication to loyalty, quality, and innovation is unrivaled in the space, and having Golden String in your rotation will keep you a cut above the rest.

Fractal Forest

By rethinking the way we interact with plant medicine and how we see the earth, progression is made possible by powerful forces like Fractal Forest, an apothecary based out of Kaua’i, Hawaii. Driven by the essence of “plant tek”, Fractal Forest seeks to create a world bigger than our own by harnessing the balanced behavior of Mother Earth and matching it with innovative techniques that ultimately bring timeless solutions into the modern age. The lifestyle brand brings the expertise of Kayra Satya, an herbalist, and Xela Ray, who specializes in bringing earth-based tek into the modern age. Rooted in evolution, Fractal Forest operates at the local level and works vigorously to give back to our prime resource: the earth. With every product sold, the brand plants a tree in Madagascar through EcoDrive, an environmental community offsetting carbon footprint by working with individuals and companies alike. Through their artisanal supply of superfoods, essential oils, herbal teas, and body utility, Fractal Forest brings the botanical beauty and rejuvenating properties of holistic medicine to the front of their vessel, building a compelling world that’s accessible and prolific by nature. The authenticity behind their craft is undeniably true to form, and with Fractal Forest adapting to the world around us, the future is looking unmistakably green.


API The Label

Beginning at the top of 2021, API The Label has swept the streetwear scene with formidable strength and unapologetic sass. But the creative designs sewn into their garments run much deeper and go as far back as 2019, when Alyssa Innamorato, founder of API, decided to pivot her career compass and utilize her artistry more effectively. During college, Innamorato frequently painted denim jackets and statement pieces for her friends in order to pass the time. Her couture denim quickly struck the masses after one fateful visit to California, and the streetwear circuits have never been the same. API’s collections are breathable, plushy, and playful, made to dress the modern individual who leads with their heart. Their latest collection is set to drop on August 14 and explores dualities and sharp contrasts. The shapes and silhouettes of API come in all sizes and variations, and their pieces are often equal parts bold and bombastic as well as concealed and tailored. As leaders in the fight to bring awareness to mental health, API also donates 10% of their profits to the Coop’s Advice Foundation through the remainder of the year, reminding us all to love ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin.

REPAIR Sports Institute

REPAIR Sports Institute, or REPAIR, is a wellness resource located in Huntington Beach, CA with the intent of uniting Western and Eastern practices to the benefit of humankind. Their services combine to create a complete personal treatment for each individual, taking into account the harmony of mind, body, and soul. Our physical vessels invite skeletal issues, but REPAIR goes deeper by considering the energy and spirit behind familiar wellness obstacles. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Chad Beauchamp (PT, DPT, SCS, TPI, CSCS), REPAIR has been routinely recognized as a local powerhouse for personal wellness, awarded the #1 sports rehabilitation clinic in California by Google. Their team is made up of industry professionals who hold the highest level of certification in their fields, and services include acupuncture, sports recovery, chiropractic, physical therapy, breathwork, reki, and even sonic therapy through sound bowls. REPAIR excels in uniting holistic Eastern medicine with modern, Western standards of health, serving the fundamental mechanics of synocrity to build a better you. REPAIR is the future of wellness, and their upward mobility is defined by treating, supporting, and enhancing the human condition.

Beyond Bespoke Tailors

The art of tailoring is a timeless trade rooted in tradition, precision, and perfection. These are just a few of the pillars that support Beyond Bespoke Tailors, a New York-based studio honoring centuries of refined craftsmanship. The label was founded in 2006 by Nicholas Torres, a third-generation tailor, along with Stacie Pettersen, vice president, and design authority. Torres grew up observing and learning alongside his father, who had learned from his own father, on the nuances of tailoring right down to the last stitch. As such, Beyond Bespoke emanates an old-world eloquence in their work, displayed prominently in their fittings and personalized pieces. The studio handles a slew of services that have positioned Beyond Bespoke as a one-stop-shop for New Yorkers, supplying everything from jeans, polos, and sweaters to custom suits, shirts, and shoes for men and women. They even have a seamstress on-site for alterations, corrections, or the like, cementing their place as a premiere destination for fashion artistry. While the studio does accept made-to-measure requests, they shine in the bespoke department, where the vision and precision of three generations worth of tailoring excellence come alive. Beyond Bespoke seeks to challenge the better parts of ourselves through careful design and tailored experiences, ensuring that your next piece fits you better than your own skin.

Ashloud Speakers

Ashloud Speakers invites a unique social experience by combining superior sound design with compartments built to cleverly conceal any smoke ash, effectively raising the bar in both worlds. The V.1 model, Ashloud’s flagship product, is built by sound engineers who amass over 30 years of experience in the field, constructed with high octane speakers that produce ultra-crisp notes and robust waves of audio. The V.1 model is relatively small compared to other portable sound systems, but its deceptive size knocks through windows, shattering any perception of sound quality we’ve known previously. Additionally, the speaker cleans up any space by harboring smoke ash in a top compartment through magnetic mechanics, so you and your friends can enjoy the latest music or soundscapes without dusting the dance floor. Ashloud does a great job of fostering community around this niche network of creatives, peddling a newsletter called “Loudletter ”, as well as an online editorial journal dedicated to cubbyhole conversations. Ashloud is a network of music industry professionals, sound engineers, and artists looking to strike a renaissance in the ways that we enjoy music, smoking, and everything in between. With goals set on occupying familiar public spaces like hotel rooms or entertainment venues, Ashloud is streamlined to perfect their existing designs with a V.2 model and sweep it to the wind in record time.


Led by women and driven by the anarchic slogan of “Digital Is Dead”, Flagrant is an arts and culture magazine making noise for BIPOC+ communities in basketball through vivid storytelling and shockwave editorial spreads. The magazine was introduced in 2019 when Ashtyn Butuso, editor-in-chief, sought a revolution in sports media that included everyone, everywhere. Along with Butuso, Flagrant is made possible by a stellar squad of creatives that work wonders remotely; they include Bethany Marrie Ito as creative director, Brazilia Morales as business director, Alex Haigh in design, and Ciara Smith on social media management. Together, this brigade of ballers highlights the best parts of hooping culture with plenty of striking photography and stories that cover fashion, culture, art, and community news. Flipping through a Flagrant is like chewing bubblegum, with every crunch bursting with color. The magazine rotates its roster of artists and leaders in sports media while also propelling their own garments, crafted with quality and plenty of attitudes. Their podcast, “The Flagrant Files”, is equal parts fun and full-court review of basketball moments in the news, and it plays out like a Spice Girls adventure, each episode diving deep into basketball topics with playful panache. Women in sports are all too familiar with jumping through hoops, but with Flagrant writing the next chapter in sports media, we can score with a swish knowing that the narrative speaks for all of us.

TruTailor Co.

As experts in longevity and lasting impressions, TruTailor Co. excels in crafting the right suit for any occasion from scratch. Starting in 2015 in Irvine, CA, TruTailor deals heavily in quality that stands the test of time, working only with the finest materials like 100% Virgin Worsted wool. For TruTailor founder, David An, the pinnacle of quality lies with the smallest details, and when all of these details work together in harmony, the result is unrivaled refinement in suit dress. Part of what makes TruTailor so dynamic by design is the anatomy of their trade, in which the smallest of details bleeds into the experience itself. TruTailor also provides complimentary video consultations if you are not near one of their locations. Clients are assigned a personal consultant with whom they can rely on for counsel even after the first piece has been perfected. Like a barber might advise on your cut over the years, the consultants of TruTailor make sure that your suit game is on point for years to come. Additionally, every client is presented with an online fit profile, so TruTailor can keep track of measurements and styles for future visits to ensure a perfect garment every time. With over 100 years of experience shared between their team of dedicated artisans, TruTailor represents the standard in custom formal wear that maintains that everyone finds confidence in a well-tailored suit.


Launched in December of 2019, All-En is the passion project of Allen Banks, a college student turned fashion designer on the wings of faith. Banks is currently set to graduate in December of this year with a B.A. in Psychology, however, a deep seeded love for creating took him on a detour. All-En is both a fashion label and a lifestyle, reimagining the attitudes of streetwear to something more and ever-changing. Their garments are playful, comfortable, and splattered with personality, exuding vibrant colors coupled with homegrown artistry. Their collections include original designs ranging from twill sets, gym shorts, sweatsuits, hoodies, accessories, and handpainted pieces. Much of All-En’s identity is shaped by the community that Banks was brought up in, taking elements of friendship, support, and religious devotion in the context of modern streetwear. The brand dominates with mix-and-match selections, inspiring consumers to build their own ideas around confidence and personal best. With All-En at the helm, it’s all or nothing, and the brand hopes to inspire the next generation of creatives to work hard, play harder, and look good while doing it.


PackIt was founded by Melissa Kieling, a single mother of three who knew there must be a more sustainable way to keep food and drinks cool while on the go. In 2009, Kieling introduced the first prototype of what would become the Freezable Lunch Bag, a convenient, functional, and effective container for keeping items cool all day without needing ice or ice packs. The secret to PackIt’s success is embedded in their EcoFreeze™ Technology that keeps perishables cool and fresh no matter where you are. No other food packing container maintains freshness quite like a PackIt, resulting in less hassle over food waste and more time to do the things we love. With PackIt, we don’t have to worry about misplaced or leaky ice packs, which can often create stress and mess at lunchtime. PackIt has since developed The Freezable Zuma Cooler, a Soft Cooler that’s made with adventures in mind. The Zuma is ideal for outdoor excursions and is capable of keeping 15 12oz cans cool, or a well-arranged meal for a day at the lake or a trip to the beach. Simply collapse and store in the freezer overnight for use the next day! Additionally, the company has debuted PackIt Fresh, a smart solution for grocery storage and fulfillment. PackIt remains the standard in reducing food waste and maximizing efficiency.

LifeMajor Clothing

Together we’re better, and by way of community engagement and respect for the classics, Life Major is swiftly taking the streetwear scene by storm. Beginning in Queens, NY in 2015, Life Major was born of the idea that we rise by lifting others up, a mission to spark change and amplify new voices through chivalrous duty. David “Mario Majesty” Richards, the founder of Life Major, wants to use the brand as a vessel to bring about real change in society and make space for the silenced or forgotten. Taking inspiration from the golden age of hip-hop, graffiti art, and break dancing, Life Major speaks to a higher consciousness of creativity that breaks boundaries in self-expression. Their statement t-shirts call for a reality check, reminding us to abandon self-doubt and never stop improving. Peppered with imagery of sacred geometry and personal excellence, Life Major is loud and proud by nature and invites anyone seeking elevated confidence to consider their place in the world. We can either write the next page or watch the story unfold before us, and no matter which path we take it starts from within. With Life Major dressing the best, our “innergy” can be seen on the outside. The brand is only just beginning their stride in the streetwear scene, but it’s clear that Life Major is here to make waves.


MeliBio, the Bay Area-based food startup, is giving bees a break with their all-natural, bee-free honey. MeliBio was founded in April 2020 by Darko Mandich and Aaron Schaller on the grounds of revolutionizing the mass consumption of bee honey. The 9,000-year-old technique of harvesting honey is in need of a shake-up as agricultural intensification endangers the 20,000+ bee species that pollinate an average of 1 in 3 bites of food we eat. The commercialization of honeybees as livestock is also driving out native bees, further jeopardizing the future of pollination and food security. If that’s not enough, studies show that the majority of commercial bee honey contains pesticides and other toxic adulterants—none of which are found in MeliBio’s honey. Focused on partnerships and creative collaboration, MeliBio is rooted in creating a better honey for both humans and bees. The work that is being done by MeliBio extends far beyond honey production and ensures that the world of tomorrow is better than where we left it before. In the coming months, MeliBio is planning to supply major culinary institutions with their honey, mainly in New York and California. The sweetest thing about MeliBio’s honey is that it tastes, smells, and behaves just like bee honey, without the impact of human disruption. The buzz on bee-free honey is just beginning, and now you’ll be ahead of the hive when it goes viral.

Land Of Nasty

Heralded as the “nastiest place on earth”, this fashion force is an ultra-modern take on streetwear marqueed in Gothic typeface. Land Of Nasty crashed into space in June of 2020, making plenty of noise in the process. Many fashion labels are quick to claim the trailblazer title, but LON takes this medal and wears it as a belt. Many of the brand’s designs are unique spins on classic silhouettes, while others are painted with innovation. LON is the first one at the party and the first one to leave, because, honestly, they have better places to be. Their garments are premium quality and cut to perfection, speaking to both athletic and artistic souls. Recently, LON found its way onto the screens around Times Square. At its core, LON seeks to spark change for their community and their consumers with a passion for fashion, reminding all of us to be our most authentic selves with no apologies.

Social House Inc.

Launched in 2010,  Los Angeles-based Social House. Inc is an award-winning Digital Growth Agency that transforms brands through strategy, content, and influencer campaigns. Norel Mancuso, CEO, and co-founder of Social House, Inc., has an extensive background in Global Brand Marketing, and before starting Social House, Inc. she saw firsthand where many internal teams needed help with online marketing efforts. Norel’s vision for launching Social House, Inc. was to help bridge the communication gap between brands and their consumers, which remains the agency’s core mission.

Working with global fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, Social House, Inc. designs and curates elevated content to authentically reach consumers and drive exponential growth. Social House, Inc. goes beyond traditional social media and paid advertising and taps into cultural conversations to help brands reach new and existing audiences. The success of Social House, Inc. is driven by its firm belief in strategy first and content second as well as its unique and priority TriVision Approach to digital marketing. The TriVision Approach activates strategic digital success by igniting three robust solutions portfolios – strategy, content, and paid media. This creates a roadmap to influence opinions, shape purchasing decisions, and enhance brand affinity. Proudly Women and LGBTQ+ owned, Social House, Inc. remains specialized and nimble in providing strategic and creative direction that exceeds its client’s expectations. The agency’s desire to bring the new, the better and the different to everything they do makes it a leader in the digital marketing space.

7th Avenue

Scoring your dream sofa has never been more fun, and with 7th Avenue, the DTC-brand based in California, sofas are finding a rejuvenated place in a society where functionality is king. Billy Shaw and Josh Stinson, co-founders of 7th Avenue, both come from digital backgrounds in business and media, noticing a cavity in modern furniture spaces that prompted them to revolutionize the market as we know it today. 7th Avenue is well known for its functional design, offering a collection of modular sofas that are as practical as they are stylish. The sofas are malleable, multifaceted, and durable against time and those inevitable oops! moments. A 7th Avenue sofa is strong against spillage because they’re built with the same water-repellent technology most commonly found in weather jackets and outdoor furniture, albeit with an application for indoor upholstery to maintain the same level of soft fabrics and modern comfort. It takes the anxiety of owning a white couch out of the equation, so you can feel confident in what is undeniably one of the most important purchases you can make to shape any space. Their flagship showroom is located in Los Angeles in The Deco Building, and by design, their experiential showrooms coexist in striking spaces that provide a lasting impression for consumers. Today, 7th Avenue has showrooms in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County, with 10 other cities on the docket.

Dune Jewelry

Dune Jewelry builds custom keepsakes that are whimsical by nature yet grounded by design. Introduced in 2010 by Holly Daniels Christensen, Dune Jewelry dominates the experiential domain in wearable art. The first of its kind, Dune creates highly intentional pieces that carry the weight of memories and special moments that we strive to keep close at heart. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and many other shapes and silhouettes are built with unusual yet naturally compelling elements like flower petals, seashells, semi-precious stones, and even soil. Dune takes the stuff of the earth and creates striking ornamentation that styles with a story. Christensen believes in living for the moment and then taking it with you, speaking to a vagabond demographic that craves a new kind of adventure. Fanciful to the core, the advent of Dune Jewelry is the stuff of folklore, permeating still today through their opulent designs. Christensen began crafting personalized pieces for her friends by sourcing sea debris from the banks of Cape Cod, resulting in compelling artistry that is defined by time and place. As a mother of two, Christensen’s work exudes an almost childlike wonder, crafted with flowers from weddings, sand from bachelorette parties, and earth from favorite campsites. The majesty of Dune Jewelry preserves a moment in time we can cherish for always, resulting in handcrafted, bespoke finesse as timeless as the rotating tides. 

Ali Grace

Finding the right fit has always been a part of Ali’s personal fabric, for even in college she managed to sculpt a degree program tailored to her unique vision and career goals. In 2016, while crafting this degree program in Massachusetts, Ali Grace found the beginnings of what would become her best pair of jeans: taking recycled denim and creating a pair of vintage Levi’s made especially for the subject. In the beginning, those were friends and family. Today, aligrace customs can be found on Cara Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens, Hannah Brown, and Maddie Ziegler, among countless others. Everything from the fit, length, and design is taken into consideration with each thread, but perhaps the most prolific detail in aligrace customs is size and inclusivity. No matter your shape, we all need a pair of jeans that fit just right, bonus points if we’re helping mother earth along the way! With aligrace customs in hand, the essence of self-made success begins to ring true. In 2018, Grace was a Valley Venture Mentors finalist, showing the masses that sustainable, custom vintage Levi’s were exactly the right attire for business meetings. Today, aligrace operates out of San Diego, where a small, dedicated team of women offer one of the greatest feelings known to humanity: denim that hugs you back.

Written in partnership with Ascend