With Mixhers On Board, Women’s Nutrition Has Never Been Tastier

With Summer quickly approaching, it’s high time to consider your co-pilot on beach trips and busy weekends around the house. We’re talking about premium drinks with even higher nutritional value and as little prep time as possible. The sunny seasons are reserved for maximum comfort, and we all deserve a little added support where it matters most.

Mixhers, the female-forward powerhouse based in Utah, is making noise about the silenced conversations surrounding women’s health. Their brand has redefined the idea of community-driven success, fostering a network of women who listen, learn, and tackle their unique challenges together. Mixhers was born out of necessity, when Jess Toolson, co-founder, and CEO of the company, experienced horrific postpartum period symptoms, and after several rounds of insufficient medical advice from doctors, Toolson embarked on a transitional journey of holistic health that revealed so much more than surface-level truth with the help of her cousin, and now co-founder, Cody Sanders.

Hormonal cycles are a product of Mother Earth’s rotation, and as such, the stuff we put in our bodies must reflect the same rhythm. Mixhers’ mixtures are all-natural, sourcing from the ingredients that earth provides such as licorice root, giant kale leaf, and coconut, among countless other botanical beauties. These vitamins and minerals are critical to regulating and supporting strong hormonal health, in addition to other systems that are central to our well-being. Mixhers truly shines in their strategies of wellness, which come in individual packets designed to enhance your drink of choice for on-the-go refreshment.

All of their supplements maximize nutritional gain while dealing a double dose of intoxicating flavor. Hertime, the crowd-pleaser, is packed with white peony, Siberian ginseng root, and milk thistle, along with raspberry, peach, or strawberry lemonade, depending on your personal palette. All of these ingredients are critical to healthy cycles, and work exceptionally well in your favorite cocktail (Mixhers Mocktails is always a good idea).

Another stellar choice is Herlove, the libido-conscious mixture, which was met with an explosive response upon release. For many women, the conversations surrounding sex drive are weak compared to that of men, and it creates a misperception that women are just “not interested” in their sex drive, which is far from the truth. Mixhers has brought the discussion into play by introducing a supplement that’s blooming with maca root, beetroot, and pomegranate.

The culture behind Mixhers is a movement of positive menstruation, and the ladies that have built the company from ground zero seek to ignite a community that empowers everyone at all stages of life. At times, these tender subjects are kept under lock and key, preventing people from finding real support when they need it most. Mixhers strives to build that support system in a way that’s fun and prolific, showing us that periods can be pain-free and that you don’t have to compromise your to-do lists.

The sisterhood is strong, and the company frequently hosts large gatherings to celebrate and instigate real change within their communities (the last blowout was held in Arizona and enjoyed over 700 in attendance).

In support of their extensive work in opening the floor for crucial conversations, Mixhers also sustains a podcast, called “It’s Hertime”, in which Toolson and co-founder, Cody Sanders, dissect the misconceptions about women’s health and the many ways to address common questions of nutrition. The podcast is friendly and familiar, and currently holds court in the top 2% nationwide. Their intimate episodes are the perfect companion to your Mocktail sizzling poolside.

The Mixhers team has excelled in building a fire that we can all learn from, sparking real change in traditional systems by debunking the myths distorting women’s health and wellness. Mixhers is warm, but hot to the touch, peeling back the layers of more taboo subject matter like sex drive. They do the work so you can enjoy the wellness, stirring up excitement with their dynamic line of mixtures that taste just as good as they feel. Hormonal health doesn’t have to be a pain, and hydration is key under sun-soaked vacations.

This Summer, work hard but play harder, and give your body the nutrition it deserves by trusting the experts. Keep it simple and look ahead, Mixhers has your back.

Written in partnership with Ascend