GFASHION Is The New Luxury Brand With Outstanding Bespoke Collections And Capsules

Fashion is more than just the clothes you wear. It is about making an impression. Fashion speaks beyond words to reflect a piece of your personality. This is where more and more fashion-conscious people prefer to choose high-end fashion brands that have bespoke style. One global luxury brand is GFASHION. Within a short period, the brand has earned a reputation for its unique collection that oozes individuality.

GFASHION features an exclusive collection from top designers and artisans who are best known for their innovative concepts that are all made in Italy. Each piece at GFASHION is a celebration of individuality. To bring golden standards to luxury fashion, the brand sources top-quality materials from all over the world which are enhanced by state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

Since its inaugural collection, GFASHION has mirrored a rebel spirit in its collection. The line of products comprises top designer outfits for men and women, such as
ready-to-wear, activewear, outerwear, basics, and denim. The brand has also introduced an exceptional collection of shoes, jewelry, and accessories for men and women that include hats and jewelry.

GFASHION has a special “Capsule” collection of trendy designer outfits for men and women that is further categorized under three lines of collections, namely The Cure, Attolini for GFASHION, Mandelli for GFASHION and Buddha. The range of “The Cure” includes tees, unisex hoodies, and shirt dresses. Attolini for GFASHION has an eye-catching collection of bespoke suits, bomber jackets, peacoats, blazers, and cashmere sweaters. Those who think out of the box and want to make a unique style statement that combines fashion with comfort might find “Buddha” the best choice. This collection includes unisex bombers, pajama shirts, cropped jackets, shorts, button-downs, hoodies, blouses, pants, and dresses.

GFASHION has set itself apart from other high-end fashion brands through its immersive digital platform. The official website of the brand offers a tactile retail experience to customers. The website offers in-depth information on the material, style, and features like zips, pockets, hoods, cuffs, and even hemlines. With the wide range of collections, each reflecting individuality, customers are transported to a virtual GFASHION world where luxury fashion meets affordability. Every piece is shown in three-dimensional photographs.

Cutting-edge style, unparalleled craftsmanship, and unique concepts sum up the crux of GFASHION. To make high-end fashion accessible to all, GFASHION has been sourcing raw materials from Italy, the hub of fashion. A team of top designers from around the world are involved with the entire process of conceptualization to fabrication making GFASHION unique and exclusive.

GFASHION is serving as the fashion counterpart to GCLUBS. This means GCLUBS members are offered additional benefits when shopping at GFASHION. The brand revives its collection every season introducing a new range of stunning outfits that blends first-hand craftsmanship with high-end fashion.

GFASHION understands that fashion is ever-evolving. This is the reason the brand is making every effort to bring innovation to fashion in a unique way and represent the identity of the personality of the wearer. With such an amazing concept, GFASHION is looking forward to becoming one of the top global fashion brands in the coming years.

Written in partnership with Ascend