How Young CEO Alexander Smith Grew Spartan Solar And Provided Life-Changing Career Opportunities To His Team


Photo Credit: Spartan Solar

Solar energy is rapidly rising to be a primary choice for energy sources in homes worldwide. With the possibility of harnessing clean and cost-efficient energy, who wouldn’t want to make a greener decision? Alexander Smith, founder and CEO of Spartan Solar, has been working day in and day out to provide solar systems for families across the country. He has, without a doubt, made a significant difference in both people’s lives and the environment.

Alexander Smith has worked in the solar energy industry since 2016, jumping right in as soon as he graduated college. He started out as a sales rep with Sungrade Solar and later on ventured into Kota Energy Group, where he started as a regional manager. Alexander played a vital role in growing Kota to what it is today, adding offices in San Diego and Florida. After learning all that he could from the companies he was with, he finally felt that he was ready to take the reins and start his own company. Hence, Spartan Solar was born.

When he started he stated that “I didn’t come from money, and I spent my last bartending dollars living a carefree party lifestyle. So in order to start this new career, I borrowed $4,000 from my grandmother to ship my car to California and pay the security deposit at my apartment,” Alexander Smith revealed. “With no money in the bank to cover next month’s rent, and locked into a 12-month lease, I definitely burned all my ships and had to put my head down and focus.”

Years later he decided to start Spartan Solar, which was not an easy choice, but the right one. He let us know how he felt at the time, “leaving a company that you have built to where it is and starting from zero for the second time was stressful, to say the least.” But once the company got rolling he turned his back on all of his negative vices and dedicated his focus to growing Spartan Solar from the ground up.

“It was just a few of us back then, and we were working out of my living room, running meetings there for the next three months. We started seeing mild success, nothing crazy or to write home about. But come June, we were ready to move into an office space in Winter Park, Florida,” shared the CEO.

Committing his laser-sharp focus to building Spartan Solar, Alexander Smith and his team were able to witness how the company scaled from a small venture into a business that changed hundreds of lives. On top of that, Spartan Solar was able to achieve over $31,000,000 in sales in its first year and now has over 40 sales reps and leaders working across the country.

Smith built Spartan Solar to be a home to professionals who share the same mission and vision: to become the best version of ourselves and help others do the same in the pursuit of achieving freedom and control of our lives. Every team member at Spartan Solar wants to help clients win. Since its founding, the company has been committed to helping families across the country save thousands of dollars and transition to and embrace energy independence.

“We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace because we are able to use multiple installers to offer our clients the lowest monthly investment with the highest quality materials. We are also able to upgrade HVAC, hybrid water heaters, and more to allow our customers to essentially add solar, upgrade an entire home, and spend $0 out of pocket to get started,” shared Smith. “They just replace a higher quality bill that will never cancel with a lower fixed power bill that goes to paying off a solar system that they own.”

With the success they’ve been pulling over the last few months alone, Alexander Smith and his team are optimistic that Spartan Solar will continue to grow, giving back to the community and creating a greener earth in the process. The company also aims to foster talented individuals who want to start their careers in the solar energy industry and share the same mission to change the world with cleaner and more efficient energy sources. The CEO announced that Spartan Solar is always on the lookout for the next individual to join their dynamic team and earn a six to seven-figure income.

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