Black History Month: Niagara Estate Winery For Sale Has An Extensive History

If there’s one thing that makes fine wine even finer, it’s a rich, aged history that connoisseurs can enjoy while sharing a world-class bottle.

That’s what makes the Freedom Run Winery such a premium investment for anyone who appreciates wine just as they appreciate great junctures in American history.

The name of this family-owned winery comes from the history of its land, which formed part of Harriet Tubman’s route on the Underground Railroad that safely escorted enslaved individuals to freedom.

Freedom seekers themselves initiated the move to establish and operate the Underground Railroad, which runs along the astonishing Niagara Escarpment land that Freedom Run Winery sits upon. Under cover of night, they traveled to reach the Niagara River, and once across, to freedom in Canada. Hence, the name—Freedom Run Winery.

The emergence of the Underground Railroad itself made Niagara Falls an impeccable tourist destination. The presence of local abolitionists and African American waiters who worked in the area’s larger hotels after having freed themselves from slavery cemented the falls’ place in historic tourism.

Niagara County itself is full to the brim with abolitionist history. The town of Cambria, where the Freedom Run Winery is located, was home to many abolitionists and hosted many meeting places where the abolishment of slavery was transformed from ambition to reality.

As a testament to its impressively decorated past, the Freedom Run Winery hosts historical artwork and a wine tasting that takes patrons through the property on a history tour.

The tour features stops at a rustic barn that was built in 1826 and was extensively used for weddings and events throughout history. It also takes patrons to the income-producing Vineyard Manor House, which was built in the same year using stone from the Erie Canal. Finally, it amazes guests with the 13,000 square foot winery building, founded in 2006, and features a tasting room and the Barrel & Production Room.

The estate winery is for sale at 12 million USD, which covers:

  • 122+ acres of land on the stunning bench of the Niagara Escarpment
  • 12 acres of vinifera grapes
  • A six-acre apple orchard
  • 50 acres of plantable land
  • An additional 29 acres of prime development land on the upper Escarpment
  • It includes an agreement to lease 16 acres of local Pinot Noir grapes.

The owners of the winery are philanthropists who have always exhibited a passion for helping people and spreading love and joy. One of the owners, Sean Manning, is a prolific artist who has invested a lot of time in creating art pieces to honor the ones we lost on 9/11. His work is featured in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in NYC.

The owners’ only hope is to pass on the Winery and all the history it holds to new owners who are just as passionate about American history, art, and wine. In return, they guarantee a world-class lifestyle that anyone who has a taste for the finer things in life could look forward to having.

Apart from being intertwined with an important piece of American history, the Freedom Run Winery has likewise cultivated a reputation for producing world-class wines. Its success is built on the quality, consistency, and character of the management team and the unique microclimate of the Niagara Escarpment. The wine-making team picks in small lots while maintaining the identity of those lots through destemming, crushing, fermentation, and aging. The excellent, trustworthy management team is excited to stay on board during and after the transition of ownership.

Their oak program involves deciding the right time to introduce new French and Hungarian oak as well as over 50 used bourbon barrels. This helps them preserve the integrity and flavors of the fruit.

The resulting wonder is a rich palette that is sure to be enjoyed by any wine lover.

For more information, interested buyers may visit the Freedom Run Winery’s website.

Written in partnership with DN News Desk