Model Jessica Knura Reveals What’s In Her Dior Bag

What cars and motorcycles are to most men, are handbags to women. Both are particularly fond of the classics among them! Men regard women‘s handbags often as a mystery, uncharted territory, a forbidden zone.

For us, it is an indispensable companion and savior in all situations. Our reporter spoke to German model Jessica Knura, about the little treasures of her daily partner in crime: the Dior Caro-Bag. She shares with us her motivation to invest in key pieces, her thrills to travel, and thoughts of connection between fashion, consumption, and mental health.

Reporter: Let‘s start right away with a little game. If you would have to describe the Caro-Bag in three words, what would these words be?

Jessica: Oh that‘s quite tricky. I would say: Timeless and elegant, with a smart Mary Poppins‘ clou. (she laughs)

Reporter: Mary Poppins clou? What a funny description! What can I imagine by that? What does it mean?

Jessica: My bag reflects my life. I carry around a lot with me. Everyone, including myself, is wondering how all my stuff can find a place in there. And that‘s one of Caro‘s greatest strengths: bigger than expected. It fits so much and I can arrange everything neatly and it is quite important to me.

Reporter: Now you‘ve made me curious. Please start to unpack…

Jessica: I hope you are ready, Anne. Everything has its place. Let‘s start with my Phone. I always take a charger with me to charge my phone at any time.

Then we have my hair scrunchies. Never not using them. Hash-tag: Long hair issues. (lovely laugh again)

Okay, next. Oh, my mum bought me this little bag, it travels around the world with me and could tell a few stories. It has got my daily beauty products in it, like a small mirror, mascara, rouge, nail polish, hand oil, ah, and my Dior Lipstick Rose Montaigne. You only have to change the lipstick, not the outside, which is good for the environment. I can only recommend this one to everyone. And my makeup remover pads that you throw in the washing machine and then you have not to throw so much away. Easy but effective!

Reporter: Do you attach great importance to quality?

Jessica: Definitely, yes. My mom told me to consider my bag as an investment. My Caro-Bag is worn almost every day and for me, it is the key piece of every outfit. I could easily survive a week with the contents of my handbag. Whether, snack bar or beauty salon, financial center, or emergency cabinet.

Reporter: So far we have your phone and a beauty bag. What else could you reveal?

Jessica: Yes, let‘s go on. The next one are my sunglasses. Always in a case. You will never find glasses without a case. I take care of all my belongings. My parents taught me that values are not created by price. So, I treat all of them very well.

Let‘s keep looking further.

A protein bar, which I usually have for lunch. It is terrible but true. I travel a lot and often have to hurry, especially between shows.

I really can‘t believe what I‘m carrying around with me. I am almost done, I promise. (she laughs)

Reporter: Don‘t worry, that‘s why we are here together. Do you get homesick sometimes?

Jessica: I keep things in my bag that remind me of home and amongst those items is a family picture that I always carry with me in my Dior bag. When I close my eyes I think of home. I’m grateful for what I have and for being able to do what makes me happy. This is a real gift that should be appreciated… Always a point to getting sensitive. (she looks thoughtful)

Better moving on. Here are some of the small things, like a mini face spray, chewing gums, perfume.. stuff like that. (she starts again to laugh)

Reporter: What are you laughing about?

Jessica: Even the keys have their own place in my Dior bag. Am I a fanatic of keeping order? Maybe. But that‘s me.

Written in partnership with Ascend