Matthew Mercury Watches Embody Swiss Quality, Luxury And Endurance

The Matthew Mercury story is inspired by and goes back to France between the two world wars. The luxury watch brand keeps this traditional in mind and deliver only high-quality Swiss movements on each of their watches.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mercury

Haute Living recently spoke to the Matthew Mercury team and discussed what sets the brand apart from the rest.


Haute Living: How do Matthew Mercury watches retain that elegant and traditional style while still catering to the modern customer?

Matthew Mercury: Matthew Mercury watches combine that elegant and traditional feeling you refer to, with modern style, especially in the chronograph collection. This results in an elegant watch which benefits from the best material and quality.

HL: What sets a Matthew Mercury watch apart from the rest?

MM: The first thing that distinguishes our watches is top quality materials. Unlike other online watch brands which use cheap materials, Matthew Mercury use nothing but the best materials. Another major advantage in a Matthew Mercury watch is that they use a Swiss, rather than Japanese movement. Naturally, the Swiss movement is widely regarded to be the best and most accurate. Matthew Mercury watches incorporate sapphire crystal anti-scratch glass, made in extremely high temperatures and constructed of crystalline aluminum oxide. It is then cut with a diamond saw, grinder and polished before it resembles the finished “glass” product.

Furthermore, Matthew mercury watches use 3161 stainless steel cases. These cases will not allow their colors to fade or tarnish. 3161 stainless cases are extremely strong and can be worn for a lifetime. Additionally, they are friendly to the human body as they’re lead free, nickel free and allergy free. Matthew Mercury watches are also water resistant up to 50 meters.

Secondly, our watches have unique designs which you simply cannot get anywhere else, while it appears that other brands seem to just imitate each other.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mercury

HL: Who is the typical Matthew Mercury customer?

MM: Any person who appreciates quality, uniqueness and wants a piece of Swiss luxury that will remain with them for years to come.


HL: Which of your watches embodies the brand’s standard and appeal the most?

MM: Our best-sellers. For gentlemen, this would be either the “Dan W” or “Shades of Blue.” For Ladies, “Black B” or “Black & Gold.”

Photo Credit: Matthew Mercury