The LA Art Show Returns, Hosted By Kaia Gerber

LA Art Show 2022Photo Credit: Birdman Photos

Last weekend, the LA Art Show successfully marked its return to LA with an opening night event hosted by supermodel Kaia Gerber in conjunction with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for a celebration of art and charitable components.

The three-day event saw a slew of galleries, art dealers, curators, collectors, and art lovers come together to explore themes of environmental impact and new technologies.

LA Art Show 2022Photo Credit: Birdman Photos

The highest-selling galleries of the show included Mizuma Gallery, Melissa Morgan, J&J Art, Pigment Gallery, Arcadia Contemporary, Beatriz Esquerra Arte, and Simard Bilodeau Contemporary all had incredible sales. In fact, for Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery and Abend Gallery.

NFTs were a big part of the conversation this year, including a preview of Little Beasts by artist Johnny ‘KMNDZ” Rodriguez, presented by Merry Karnowsky of KP Projects, in partnership with LGND, the return of Vellum LA, Los Angeles’s premier art gallery for NFT-backed digital art, with their latest show Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror which simultaneously debuted as an in-person NFT exhibition at the LA Art Show and at Vellum LA gallery, and specially displayed NFTs from Fabrik Projects.

LA Art Show 2022Photo Credit: Birdman Photos

With the NFT conversation comes a conversation about environmental conservation, the other focus of the show. Unifying the show’s themes of environmentally-driven discussions and new technologies, Arts Help presented Conscious Crypto Creator: ICEBERGS. The Conscious Crypto Creator, aka CCC, is a global movement developed by Arts Help to empower artists to use their art in the fight for transparency and sustainable crypto-validation practices. ICEBERGS highlighted the impact of our daily decisions on the melting of polar ice caps.

Environmental conversations percolated throughout the show with DIVERSEartLA’s ecological lens. Curated by Marisa Caichiolo, this year’s edition examined not just how the environment is represented in art, but how humanity’s place in the world is depicted. The section consisted of 8 participating projects, each with museum involvement, including The Museum of Nature of Cantabria Spain’s video installation, “Our turn to change” by Andrea Juan and Gabriel Penedo Diego, which highlights the crisis in the Arctic and Antarctic concerning melting icebergs and “THE EARTH’S FRUITS,” brought to the show by the MUMBAT Museum of Fine Arts of Tandil and the Museum of Nature and Science Antonio Serrano of Entre Rios Argentina. This project by Guillermo Anselmo Vezzosi curated by Indiana Gnocchini is a scientific research project whose ideology culminates with an installation work of a specific ephemeral site, where the waste that takes on a second life is dignified. Other participants included MUSA, Museum of the Arts of the University of Guadalajara, MCA Museum of Environmental Science, Dox Contemporary-Prague, the Czech Center New York, and Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles, just to name a few Furthering the climate change perspective Kelly Sueda Fine Art represented artist Taiji Terasaki, bringing his wide range of masterful artworks at this year’s LA Art show including video NFTs, metal weavings, “mist media” photography, and an interactive live mist installation.

LA Art Show 2022
Kaia Gerber

Photo Credit: Birdman Photos