Entrepreneur Chadia Ali Ouqassou Thrives In The Beauty Industry With Authentic Moroccan Oils

Amazighen, a haircare brand founded by Chadia Ali Ouqassou, is expanding its line with five new shampoos and conditioners and a leave-in conditioner. The brand is known for its primary ingredient, Prickly pear seed oil of Morocco.

Prickly pear, also called Barbary fig oil, grows in Southwestern Morocco and has been used by generations of Berber women to fight the effects of dry desert conditions. Chadia is a descendant of an ancient line of the Amazighen Berber tribes in Morocco. In the Berber tribes, women viewed their hair as the purest symbol of a woman’s beauty and went to extreme lengths to take care of their hair. Chadia always admired her grandmother’s long, strong, thick hair, so she sought to learn her traditional haircare secrets.

After moving to Miami at 22 years old to pursue an MBA in supply chain management, Ouqassou found she was constantly asked about how she maintained her hair and if it was even her real hair or extensions. She became determined to share the traditional Berber secrets with all women.

“I do not believe that nature’s beauty should be kept secret, used by my tribe. I want to share it with every woman around the world so they can enjoy the healthy hair that I have,” Chadia Ali said. “I believe every woman deserves to have hair that makes her feel beautiful and strong.”

After handling supply chain management and logistics for a large pharmaceutical company for four years, Chadia decided to start her own company. Amazighen, which means free people, was founded in 2019. Chadia started the company from scratch but truly discovered the brand’s potential in 2020.

“During the pandemic, I took an online course at Harvard Business School about entrepreneurship,” Chadia said. “Throughout the course, they shared so many influential stories of female entrepreneurs, and with my passion for the beauty industry, I started brainstorming. And that’s how Amazighen was born”

Two years later, Amazighen is growing quickly in America and worldwide. Currently, the company offers a Hair Bath Oil Treatment. The oil is rich in fatty acids, Vitamins E and C, Omega 6, and powerful antioxidants that destroy harmful free radicals, providing intense hydration and nutritional support. These properties promote naturally faster hair growth, strength, and volume. It is color-safe and contains 100 percent natural ingredients. The product is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

Amazighen also offers a luxurious hair bath oil cap. The silky-soft cap protects hair with a gentle, stretchy layer of waterproof nano fabric. It fits snugly, and the sophisticated design prevents the oil from leaking. It can be worn overnight while doing the Amazighen hair treatment, used as a humidity-blocking shower cap, or worn as a sophisticated accessory.

We had the chance to ask Chadia a few questions about her daily routines, her biggest inspiration, and what Amazighen means to her.

HL: What is your morning routine?

Chadia Ali Ouqassou: First thing I make is coffee while I check my emails and Amazon store for about half an hour. Then I get on my peloton for a 40 minutes Tabata ride. The morning workout always gets me energized and ready to tackle the day. The next thing right after my shower is my morning skin and hair care routine because it is important to be disciplined and keep a consistent routine to keep me feeling and looking good from inside and out.

HL: How about your night routine?

CAO: Almost every night, my husband and I cook together which provides a great opportunity for both is us to connect and talk about our day. Then we watch our favorite show. I like to eat early because I go to bed early so I can read for about half an hour until I fall asleep but right before that it is my nighttime skincare routine. And occasionally I like to take a hot bubble bath to help relax. My favorite scents are lavender and chamomile.

HL: What does Amazighen mean to you? 

CAO: Amazighen is more than just a brand, it’s my heritage. I try to represent the Amazighen community by remaining authentic to the traditional recipes that were used for generations in my family and I am now sharing it with the women of the world. Miami is a melting pot with different cultures which exposes us to the beauty of diversity whether it is food, history, drinks, beauty ingredients, or culture in general; Amazighen is one of them.

HL: Who is your biggest inspiration?

CAO: I am inspired by so many strong women, my mom is my daily inspiration as a modern Moroccan woman who taught me that there are no limits to what a woman can do in business, family, or personal life.

HL: Who gave you the best advice in the business industry?

CAO: My dad gives great advice. When I first started my business, I was frantic to get immediate results. After the 100th call to my dad, expressing my frustrations, my dad gave me the best advice. ” Building a business is like building a house. there are no shortcuts and the most important parts of the house, the foundation will never be seen by anyone. You have to be patient and do all the small things right to end up with a beautiful home.”

HL: What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dreams? 

CAO: My advice to other female entrepreneurs is to trust the process, be focused, persistent, and most importantly stay true and real. There are countless hours of work put in the business to achieve progress, not necessarily success but with persistence, the slight progress turns to big progress and eventual success.

For more information and to shop now, visit amazighen.com.