How 111SKIN’s Dr. Yannis Alexandrides Continues To Evolve The Aesthetics & Skincare Industry

111SKIN has become a leader in the luxury skincare business, with Dr. Yannis Alexandrides at the helm of both the brand and the 111 Harley St. clinic. Greek-born and trained in the United States, Dr. Yannis uses a state-side technique with a European aesthetic approach and remains the only member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery that has practices in London under that qualification. Dr. Yannis has become a leader in the space because of his unique approach to medical excellence and unwavering belief that each patient should have a customized, tailored skincare and surgery experience. 

111SKIN Dr. Yannis AlexandridesPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Haute Living sat down with Dr. Yannis to discover how he began in the industry, how he remains at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, and how he continues to evolve.

HAUTE LIVING: Can you tell us a bit about how you began your medical journey? Was plastic surgery always the field you were interested in most?
DR. YANNIS ALEXANDRIDES: Coming from a family of doctors, I grew up surrounded by science, so I always had an interest and passion for the field. Plastic surgery was a bit of an unconventional path at the time, but studying in Pittsburgh for two years during my degree and spending time researching growth factors and how to heal your skin was something I was really interested in. For me, it was important to pursue a career that helped to inspire confidence in other people.

HL: You’ve been an industry thought-leader for decades at the forefront of aesthetic innovation. How have your techniques evolved over the last few years?
DR. YANNIS: I’m very lucky that the different branches of my business intertwine quite nicely. Seeing patients regularly and hearing their concerns always inspires me to work towards innovating new products and techniques with the view of bringing the clinic home through the 111SKIN range. Every formula we put into the market is rigorously trialed and tested to ensure long-term benefits. [As a result], our products are first-to-market innovations for the most part. An example of this is our Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Masks, which are formulated using pure ingredients that are set and then pulled apart to create needle-like, textured masks that, when worn, transport Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C into the skin’s deeper layers to help plump, hydrate and minimize the appearance of visible fine lines.

HL: Are you seeing any new trends?
DR. YANNIS: Skincare consumers and patients are savvier when it comes to products, formulas, and even ingredients. We’re certainly seeing a move towards embracing natural skin, holistic treatments, and long-term care over quick fixes. I think another trend, driven in part by the pandemic and various lockdowns across the world, is the wearables or technology-driven devices that allow you to recreate various clinical or in-spa treatments and facials at home. Think LED devices, wearable technology, clinical-grade tools, and lasers as an example.

HL: Why do you think the Y-Facelift became so popular? 
DR. YANNIS: I think facelifts, in general, are quite scary, aren’t they? It’s quite an invasive procedure, so with my deep understanding of the aging process, healing, and facial anatomy, my aim was to offer the best results with the least downtime. The Y-lift technique is so-called because we focus on the ‘Y’ area (along the end of the jawline, where it meets the ear and extends down the neck). The technique really helps to define and contour the jawline for a natural look, and the incisions are disguised behind the ear.

I think what drives its popularity even today is that it’s a relatively quick procedure (taking approximately two hours). Most people can go home on the same day, the sutures can be out within a week, and most patients can return to work or head to social events then, too. It’s also a very tailored procedure that I customize to each and every individual patient so that they can enjoy the most natural results.

111SKIN Dr. Yannis AlexandridesPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

HL: You are also at the helm of one of the leading luxury skincare brands in the world. Why did you decide to create a skincare line?
DR. YANNIS: 111SKIN was born from my 111 Harley Street clinic. I was working with patients whose skin was sensitive and inflamed post-surgery and researching serums that would help to accelerate healing while simultaneously soothing the skin. The market was saturated with aftercare products that were harsh and complex, which is why I began working on my own proprietary formula. Upon meeting with space scientists, I discovered a sponge soaked in NAC – an ultra-restorative complex used to repair wounds and heal scars. 

This inspired the original Dramatic Healing Serum, which was formulated with 111SKIN’s signature NAC Y² formula that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s made from a powerful complex that includes a trio of actives, including NAC, that helps stimulate the production of the body’s master antioxidant, Glutathione. When our clients began to request the product for everyday use, we thought we might be onto something, so we created our very first product, The Y Theorem Serum, which is still one of our best-sellers today.

111SKIN Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Photo Credit: Courtesy of 111SKIN

HL: How do you approach each product formulation when it comes to launching new products? 
DR. YANNIS: Our goal is to continue to offer the most advanced, innovative, and clinically-led skincare on the market. I am lucky that I continue to have a two-way dialogue with patients on a day-to-day basis and can react to real-life concerns. That means rather than convincing clients they need a product; we work to create easy-to-use but potent everyday solutions that give real results. Because real clients inspire every product, we look at how our skincare products can be used at home to help support in-clinic treatments or work in silo to keep skin looking healthy, but also feel like an indulgent and luxurious treat. 

For example, we began working on the formulation for the Celestial Black Diamond Neck and Decolletage Serum when we noticed an uptick of patients complaining of creepiness and drooping skin on the delicate area. The product takes inspiration from the lifting effects of my surgical Y-Lift procedure and is formulated with powerful peptides that help to stimulate collagen synthesis deep within, as well as a concentrated moisture complex that draws water to the dermal layer and visibly plumps the skin.

HL: Are you currently working on any new products for 2022?
DR. YANNIS: We’re always working away behind the scenes! It’s a fun, non-stop process. 2022 marks ten years of 111SKIN, so there are lots of exciting things to come this year. Unfortunately, there are no spoilers, and you’ll have to stay tuned to find out—but I’ll just hint by saying we believe our product launches represent the future of skincare, from high-tech innovations to unique, clinically formulated ingredients.

HL: Are there any skincare myths you wish people would stop believing?
DR. YANNIS: Yes—that you need to have a routine that consists of lots of products. In reality, it’s best to start with a simple routine and then personalize with boosters, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, retinol, or niacinamide, depending on your own skin. Everyone’s skincare routine should be completely personalized to suit your needs at the time. 

Another I’d say is ingesting collagen tablets. The truth is that while it’s not going to do any harm, collagen is just a protein and, once it’s inside the body, it gets broken down into tiny amino acids. Our body’s natural absorption process will decide what to do with it, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it will create more collagen synthesis. I believe that taking supplements focused on vitamins (like our Beauty Doses) and the correct nutrition will help your body create the perfect amount of collagen necessary.

HL: What’s one motto you live by in your practice?
DR. YANNIS: We have a few mottoes we live by. Inspiring total skin confidence is one of them, and as part of that, we are not swayed by trends in both the clinical office and at 111SKIN with the products we formulate. Another motto we go by is that everything we do is surgically-inspired, scientifically led, and gives the most superior results possible.

HL: How do you feel the industry has shifted over the last year or so—and where do you think it is headed in the future?
DR. YANNIS: Instagram is definitely a huge influence on beauty standards, with some trends being unattainable and quite dangerous. I think the flip side to this is that consumers are becoming more educated and unafraid when it comes to exploring formulations, actives, and ingredients, though. For example, we’ve seen the growth of buzzwords like peptides, acids, hyaluronic acid becoming popular recently. I also think clients are keen on long-term results and maintaining their skincare, so they’re willing to invest in clinical-grade technology and formulations to take a more 360-degree approach to skincare. I certainly think this will continue in the future, as new technology innovations come to market.