Covid, Mental Health, And Self Love By Anna Scolaro

Anna Scolaro is an avid traveller, foodie and nature lover. When Covid appeared, travelling became cumbersome, food became limited and nature was at arms length. Although restrictions made everything difficult, my mindset remained as bright and positive as ever. I followed the norm and kept myself active . So many biased views on vaccines and immunity. I was lucky to have a medic in my family so I was lectured about the vaccine effects early on.  There will always be a conflict of views regarding immunity and many of us are aware of big pharma industries taking advantage of us but I feel that we as individuals have a right to explore and decide to administer what is right or wrong for us . I see clearly that the elderly are the most vulnerable today. They are easily convinced by the media and their doctors and are made to feel that taking a chance on a new lease of life is unquestionable. The young on the other hand have a totally different view. They worry about their longevity of life, child bearing and reactions to the body it may bring in the future.

With covid as a new form of social media discussion, nobody has stopped to think about the sick and the lonely. Depression and anxiety is at an all time high.  Crime is on the rise. And fundamentally this is because there is no middle class. The divide of lower and upper classes have never been so widespread. Hospitals are over capacitated and specialist doctors in private healthcare are working overtime with covid . So what is the solution I ask myself?

Enclosed at home , our new form of isolation has enabled us to broaden our vision and mindset. We have become thoughtful about survival, keeping our bodies in shape and our minds in focus. Waking up to a routine is valuable. Just to walk, appreciate nature and stop relying on tangible resources is a positive start. As I sit and watch the movie “Into the Wild” I feel we are all going back to basics, the art of survival. It’s a beautifully made movie and I see the life I love in all of it. We can all appreciate what is around us and take in the maximum value. For those who feel lonely, a doggy friend is highly recommended. A friend of mine provides homes for dogs that have been ill treated or abandoned. I recommend her amongst many at “”. A trusting loyal loving friend to feed a lonely corner at home and to reciprocate a love we all need. Reading is always a superb friend too and a wonderful brain stimulator. I am reading “how to do you” by Jacqueline Hurst. Perfect for those who need self acknowledgment for a positive mindset. I feel that the elderly here are lonelier than ever before. Internet is very difficult for most of them and it would be wonderful for a one touch button app where they could fill in a simple bio of themselves and enter an immediate chat room so that they could mingle online for hours according to the subjects they are interested in.  A lot of zoom chats and workshops exist but many have difficulty in operating zoom itself.  Where teens are constantly interacting,  the elderly are becoming more and more isolated. It’s a theme that needs more thought worldwide.

Forget Unicef time wasting balls and climate change charities!  We don’t need cheap models to fill a room or wallflowers to decorate a dance floor! The focus is on gifting to those in need whenever, wherever ,from your pocket directly into the charities account!  No frills. People and animals need help now, every second… if few individuals think a night out in colour can solve all… then perhaps they need to put themselves in the dim for a moment. I’m appalled at these useless charities using brands to offset their taxes.. and disgusted even more at those who organise and benefit. The help is there and is given. I give to many but I don’t need a ball gown and a song. Many out there are outraged at this system and I as an Italian am appalled at many brands from my country allowing this.

As we age , our main focus is on ourselves and our immediate families. I say ; be present , love those around you .Work out what is missing . Learn to self love and address it . Life is good and it’s a passing journey. Stop for a moment. Embrace the nature around you , breathe and relax. Right now, you are blessed to be alive said Anna Scolaro.


Written in partnership with Ascend