Who Is Lucien Laviscount, The Latest Leading Man Of “Emily in Paris”… And Is He Single?

Lucien Laviscount
Laviscount and Lily Collins

Photo Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021
Step aside, Chef Gabriel — there’s a new man on the scene in Emily in Paris vying for Emily Cooper’s heart! But who is he? That would be British actor Lucien Laviscount, who was most notably last seen opposite Lucy Hale in Katy Keene as well as the Sony-Crackle series Snatch opposite Ed Westwick, Rupert Grint and Dougray Scott and Ryan Murphy’s FOX series Scream Queens. But will he replace Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) in Emily’s (Lily Collins) heart? Time will tell. But first, get to know this English heartthrob below — and then decide for yourself who you prefer when the Netflix series’ second season premieres on Dec. 22!

Lucien Laviscount
Emily in Paris. (L to R) Lucien Laviscount as Alfie, Celine Menville as Jacqueline

Photo Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021

How many times did you have to audition for the role?

I remember I was in NY at the time and it was early May and got a call from my manager telling me to “stop everything I’m doing, there’s interest in you for a new role Darren Star is adding on to his series Emily in Paris, I’m sending over the material now.“ I’ll never forget reading through the three scenes. I’d seen the show and loved how punchy and snappy the conversations felt. Given the deadline of ASAP, I dived right in to “Aflie’s” material and sent my read in and within an hour, heard back that both Darren and Lily wanted to meet and jump on a zoom call the next day – we laughed, talked life, talked potential storylines for close to an hour, all after Lily had just wrapped a full day of filming. I’ll be forever grateful for the kindness they both showed me. I was on a flight to Paris a couple weeks later.

What does Alfie really have against France? Do you think Alfie’s dislike of France as an Englishman perpetuates a negative stereotype or is there something we haven’t seen yet in the first five episodes that’s a real reason for his dislike of France?

I don’t necessarily think Alfie really has something against Paris, I’d say the perception of Paris being the romantic capital of the world and the sheer beauty Paris just IS – is essentially something Alfie hasn’t really experienced yet. He’s unhappy with his job and feels like he drew the short straw when they sent him to Paris so his attitude at the beginning is more about that and being alone in a foreign city. It’s difficult to see the beauty that’s around all of us when we feel alone in the world, sometimes it takes someone to come into your life to give a different perspective.

Do you recall your first time to Paris? How did you feel?

My first time in Paris was when I came out to shoot the show and what an experience it was! Stepping out after my 10 days of quarantine to see the sun drenching the narrow streets, the fashion, the marvelous food and just all the history!! Paris is like a museum with the ceiling blown off. I feel truly blessed to have been able to experience Paris with and from this project the way I did – it was really special.

Lucien Laviscount
Laviscount and Collins

Photo Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021

Alfie and Emily’s relationship evolves as the season goes on from love/hate to something else entirely. Will we see Alfie in season 3? What are your hopes for their relationship?

Wow expectations, love it! I personally think Alfie brings a different dynamic that the show hasn’t brought in the first season and in that, opens up a different side of Emily for the audience, but it’s all down to Darren Starr and his incredible team crafting where the story goes next. I’m thrilled to have played my part in the storyline and would love to come back any time I’m asked. Maybe Alfie has some more serving left in him, but I don’t have the answers. I’m thankful for the time I’ve had and like the viewers will just have to tune in to see where Emily’s story goes.

Is Paris really for lovers? Why or why not? What is your experience on this front?

Paris is whatever you want it to be. I found it dynamic and just sexy. I love spending time by myself, walking the streets and people watching; my playlist becomes the score to my life. The city of Paris sucks you in, I can 100 percent understand why it has the reputation it does. Lovers welcome!

Were there any hardships to filming there for you or was it all wonderful? If so, what were they?

Coming onto a show’s second season is always a little difficult, especially one with such cultural largess. I guess it’s like being the new kid at school. Everyone has watered the seeds of their relationships and people think that you might have a negative impact on those relationships they’ve cared for and nourished. From the first read-through that was out the door. I’ve been on set’s that can feel quite hostile – you aren’t going to get that on a Darren Star set. Lily specifically is the ultimate professional, working incredibly long, tiring days packed with endless asks so to see the respect and kindness she has for everyone on set – ripples down and makes for an exciting and freeing working environment. Lily made it wonderful.

Lucien Laviscount
Alfie and Emily meet in French class

Photo Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021

On the days you weren’t filming, what did you and the other cast members do? Do you have favorite spots in the city? Any favorite cast members to go to those spots with?

Feels strange reminiscing on the time I had whilst shooting, it still doesn’t seem real. My first day out of quarantine I had a 4 and a half hour fitting, the character was coming together, and I was finally stepping out to see what/who Paris was. William Abadie contacted me through Instagram and we just walked the streets for hours talking about life. Then he became my tennis coach, we’d play at Les Jardins du Luxembourg every week. I have to say Ashley Park was incredible at bringing everyone together, like I said I was the new kid at school. I think from her epic career on Broadway she understands how important it is to make people feel included and part of the team. Our spot was Cafe Charlotte in the Marais. Samuel Arnold and I would be chilling down at Jay’s Barber Shop. Cruising out to the city on the Harley’s with Kev Dias.

What are the most magical spots in both London and Paris for you – top 3 in each… and go!


An afternoon in Hyde Park
Electric cinema on Portobello Road
Columbia Road Flower Market


OFR Bookshop
Walking down The Champs-Elysées
Kicking back on the Seine watching the sun set isn’t the worst way to see out the day.

And inquiring minds are going to want to know: what is your relationship status?

I’m in love with all and with life in general!

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