“Riverdale” Star Hayley Law Gets Real About Open Relationships. But Is She For Them Or Against Them?

Hayley Law Photo Credit: Ben Ritter

Hayley Law doesn’t automatically start talking about having an open relationship: the topic happens to be the focus of her new film, Mark, Mary & Some Other People, about a young married couple who decide to enter into an ethical non-monogamous relationship (open marriage). The 29-year-old actress plays the titular role in the film, which premiered In Competition at Tribeca earlier this year and won the award for Best Screenplay and was acquired by Vertical Entertainment before the film was even screened.

Here, we spoke to this star on the rise — who many might recognize from series like Riverdale (she plays Valerie of Josie & the Pussycats) and Altered Carbon — about her film’s provocative topic, and what’s next.

Hayley Law Photo Credit: Samuel Paul

Mark, Mary and Some Other People is about a young, married couple in an open relationship. Was there any research you did to prepare for the role in terms of how open relationships work, how to approach the subject, etc.?

I talked to a few people about open relationships before doing the role. But I wanted to go into the film experiencing each situation for the first time like Mary does. I think just going into it with an open mind and knowing who the character is was my approach.

What are your thoughts on open relationships? Are you for them, against them? Does this speak to you? Has playing Mary changed your perspective on them at all?

I am totally for whatever is best for everyone in the relationship. I think if two people (or more) can make it work and everyone is happy, then why not! I felt the same way before doing the film. I haven’t personally been in an open relationship, but I wouldn’t say I never would.

Hayley Law Photo Credit: Samuel Paul

Having an open marriage was Mary’s idea. If you could go back and give Mary one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would say try everything and figure out what you like. Your needs and boundaries. I think both characters did a great job at that.

Mary has a wild side and doesn’t care what people think about her. In which ways are you similar to Mary in real life, and how are you different?

I feel like I am similar to Mary in not caring what people think. I do things for me and know that I am the only one looking out for myself. Mary is more spontaneous than me though! I am a bit more calculated with decisions.

The chemistry between you and Ben Rosenfield is palpable on-screen. Did you two spend a lot of time getting to know each other off-screen to prepare for the film or did the chemistry come naturally?

We didn’t get to spend much time together before filming. I think we met once or twice before shooting the first day! But Ben is so amazing and Hannah, our director, is so trusting. I think we all just felt safe enough with each other to dive all the way in.

Hayley Law Photo Credit: Samuel Paul

You’ve been in shows such as The CW’s Riverdale and the Netflix series Altered Carbon. How has this experience differed from your past projects? Which overall experience did you have the most fun on?

They are all amazing in different ways. I have great memories from every project. I honestly can’t pick one that was the most fun. I think every film brings its charm and leaves a long-lasting mark on me.

Who are you closest to from the Riverdale set, and what is your preferred hang of choice off set?

I love everyone on the cast. But we all work so much that I don’t know who I would say I’m closest with. But anyone who wants to hang and do nothing is my favorite. Snacks, a movie, and a blanket. I am in.

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