4 Steps To A Longer, Happier Life


By the time a person recognizes that they’re getting older, it’s safe to assume they aren’t thinking about longevity.  

What they’re typically thinking is ‘How long has that been hurting? Why can’t I remember where I left my keys? Why am I so tired all the time? Why don’t I do that thing I love anymore?”

The trouble is, without some long-term planning, it’s difficult to escape the daily issues that not only plague our present, but also contribute to a long-term decline in health.

For this person to live their best possible life at any age, and to be truly present in the lives of their kids and grandchildren, they have to start thinking seriously about preserving and improving their lives. What they need is a framework for longevity.

In today’s world, good health is a competitive advantage. Here’s an easy 4-step framework derived from decades of experience in age management to help you live (well) into your Golden Years.

4 — Commit to 4 physical activities a week

Research tells us that one of the most important keys to longevity is exercise. According to the CDC, regular exercise for an adult over 40 can add up to 3.4 years to their natural lifespans. In addition to the positive effect it has on your bones, muscles and joints, regular exercise is also linked to lower instances of diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Physical activity is also a great way to relieve stress and decompress, so commit to at least four, half-hour activities a week where your heart really gets pumping.


3 — Develop 3 Pillars of Fitness

What good is a long life if you aren’t fit enough to enjoy it? This simple idea is why we think it’s important for people to work on developing the three pillars of fitness.

Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is all about strengthening the heart and lungs. Its purpose is to improve our body’s ability to breathe and give muscles the oxygen they need to be more efficient.

Muscle Strength

As we age, we lose muscle, limiting our ability to lift or push things and even how long we can sustain an activity. Muscle strength is developed through resistance training, specifically designed to increase muscle size, power and endurance.


During exercise, our muscles are repeatedly contracting. Once built, these muscles need to be regularly stretched to maintain their mobility and function. While we’re talking about recovery, remember that giving your muscles, mind and body ample rest has one of the most significant impacts on your longevity.

2 — Reinforce positive behaviors with 2 positive affirmations daily

Words have incredible power. Affirmations are like little love letters you can send yourself to reinforce positive thinking and behaviors. Limiting yourself to two at a time helps you concentrate on clear goals, motivate you to act and help turn negative patterns into healthy ones.

1 — Create a personal wellness plan

Even under the best circumstances, getting older can be tricky to navigate. Declining hormone levels, muscle mass and energy are only the tip of the iceberg for aging adults. The first step in any health journey should be to establish a baseline and that’s only possible with a comprehensive evaluation.

At HealthGAINS, every patient’s journey begins with one of these evaluations. They carefully examine more than 200 biomarkers to identify exactly what’s going on inside your body. Unlike most primary care providers, the experts at HealthGAINS specialize in age management and hormone therapy. That’s why—after analyzing your baseline—they’re able to provide you with a personalized strategy to help you maximize your longevity and achieve your goals, from better sleep and strength to enhanced focus, energy and intimacy.

Putting it Together

There are many challenges to growing older. Worrying about your health shouldn’t be one of them. HealthGAINS only offers clients safe, effective, results-based therapies. For nearly twenty years, they’ve worked with clients from across the country who wanted to feel better, look better, and live life to its fullest.

Prioritize your health and happiness by creating a framework in your life and if you need help, call HealthGAINS at 866-806-1869.

Written in partnership with HealthGAINS