Ron Malhotra, Learning To Unlock Your Inner Genius So You Can Experience True Growth Within & Live The Life You Deserve


There is some sort of genius hidden in each and every person, yet only a few manage to locate and nurture it to the fullest. Only a small percentage of the world’s population is actually successful. Many more people however, can carve out lucrative careers for themselves if they can just overcome their fears, listen to their inner voice and pursue their chosen path with passion. They can also use examples and offer help from people who have already found their place in the sun. Multi-talented millionaire Ron Malhotra is one such successful person who is truly committed to changing people’s life’s for the better. 

Ron is an award-winning Financial Advisor, International Speaker, Advanced Mindset and Success Mentor, Certified Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a Best-Selling Author. Having himself achieved mesmerizing success, he realized that many more people could reach the same heights if they would only listen to the right guidance. Ron’s passion to help others grew, when he started to detect gaps in the modern education system, which fails to equip people with the right skill set to achieve total financial independence. Apart from providing unparalleled success mentorship to counter this problem, Ron has written several best-selling books. The last one, Indoctrinated, is up for release in November 2021.

Where Did It All Start

Ron’s life was not always easy. Working long, difficult hours for little compensation, as well as witnessing his well-educated parents struggle with their finances, owing to a lack of good planning, Ron realized it was time to work hard to assure his financial stability.

Ron Malhotra now lives a life filled with meaning, passion and purpose. He is mentally at ease, physically fit and healthy, and shares his joy with his loving wife and daughter. His early life lessons, along with his self-determination, have resulted in his attainment of global impact. He lives an idyllic lifestyle with a high level of financial security. All of this enables Ron Malhotra to live a purposeful life.

Ron’s Heartfelt Mission

As a celebrity mentor, Ron has assisted hundreds of people to avoid common pitfalls, equipping them with relevant knowledge, and guiding them towards financial success – this, he says, makes him happy. For Ron, being a financial advisor is more than just a career. It is his heartfelt mission.

Malhotra tells us that competent financial mentorship needs to be holistic and client-centric. “It should be about developing a deep understanding of the client’s values; what’s important to them, as well as their financial and personal situation, their personality and their longer range goals. Only then should advisors develop specific strategies that will provide clients the best chance of achieving their goals and objectives,” says Ron.

Why Ron Wrote Indoctrinated

“Indoctrinated – how the traditional education system perpetuates mediocrity, conformity and indistinguishability”, speaks to young peoples’ desires to break out of routine, to create something special: a reminder to dream big! Ron Malhotra hopes that his book inspires people to campaign for educational reforms that value originality, and that include sufficient money literacy to help people secure robust financial futures. The book, Ron tells us, is intended to help students craft their unique measure of success, and acquire the confidence to follow their dreams. 

“The biggest challenge continues to be a lack of creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the square. Traditional education is failing many professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs, by not equipping them with necessary skills around social influence, emotional intelligence, business thinking, executive decision making and leadership,” says Ron.

Written in partnership with Ascend