PARFUMS de MARLY X Haute Living: Delicate Elegance With Oriana

French perfume Maison Parfums de Marly perfectly embodies the essence of 18th-century elegance. Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, he was born and raised near the palace and gardens of Versailles. The name Parfums de Marly draws inspiration from French King Louis XV’s residence Château de Marly. The 18th Century was deemed the golden age of perfumery with Louis XV leading a “perfumed court.” Deeply moved by a love of history, Parfums de Marly continues the reign of perfume. The luxury fragrance house specializes in aromatic emulations of French history with a contemporary and refined twist. At Parfums de Marly, sophisticated compositions are created to evoke a dreamlike state with signature fragrances of eternal elegance.

Photo Credit: PARFUMS de MARLY

With an innovative approach to delicacy, Parfums de Marly presents their newest full-body fragrance: Oriana. As a cloud of joy, the airy scent evokes the nostalgic feel of a linen dress and tells “the story of a heroine with character and a hypnotic sillage.” This new elixir unveils an addictive world of feminine indulgence. Faithful to its original inspiration of 18th-century sophistication, Oriana captures refined references of the perfumed court in a modern manner. The brilliant balance between longstanding tradition and contemporary innovation creates an “ultra-feminine addiction with indulgent undertones.”

This alluring concoction of floral and fruity elements highlights a soft sweetness, seductive sensuality, euphoric energy, and radiant light. The top notes include a citrus splash of mandarin, Italian bergamot, grapefruit, orange blossom, and blackcurrant. Heart notes consist of crisp, frosted raspberry with the airy sweetness of Chantilly cream and marshmallow. Lastly, the base notes comprise of Musk mallow, which was prominent in 18th-century perfumery and hair powdering to distill a fresh, clean, and comforting feeling.

Photo Credit: PARFUMS de MARLY

In executing this fragrant product, perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Hamid Merati-Kashani were moved by the image of “the Oriana woman: spontaneous, dynamic, unpredictable, full of life and pleasure.” Visuals for the advertising campaign were created by French artist Jules Julien, recognized for his minimalistic and tender monochromatic portraits. With a palpably evocative rose palette, Julien claims that “color can evoke a fragrance.” As the link between the perfume and its visual identity was clear, the deep pink shade allows for a sweet yet vivid and modern yet classic combination. With Oriana, Parfums de Marly perfectly embodies historical French elegance with a contemporary twist on femininity for a delicate and alluring scent.