The Entrepreneur You Need To Know In 2021

“Empathy, humanity, and support for each other is more important than revenue, than growth”. – Eric Yuan

People chase money in the hope of finding happiness whereas real happiness lies within. Of course, we need money to live a comfortable life but that doesn’t mean we have to trade our humanity and personal life for it. Happiness is about being good to people. It is about making someone believe that goodness still exists on the earth. Entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Royston G. King believes in this principle. Even though he is considered one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, influencers, and partners, the 21-year-old still values humanity more than material possessions.

The real-life experiences of Royston G. King shaped his perception of the world and happiness. Today he owns and manages several multi-million dollar companies without a single investment from an outsider. He even spearheaded a philanthropic organization “Good Purpose Foundation” where he donates 5-figures multiple times a year. However, all these accomplishments did not come easy to him.

Royston G. King worked hard during his teens to enjoy the fruit of success in his twenties. He started his career as a retail sales associate for two companies. While juggling two jobs, Royston also managed to complete an internship and earn good grades in his college exams. He was completely focused on saving money and investing it to grow his wealth. He used to look for free food and often satiated his hunger with cheap sushi to survive.

This multi-talented person possesses natural entrepreneurial skills. At 14, Royston bought a share of Warren Buffett’s company. At 17, he borrowed money from his family to start his own business. By 21, Royston was a renowned serial entrepreneur, influencer, advisor, partner, and philanthropist. He started and sold many million-dollar companies and now owns multiple public and private ventures like Master Scaling, Good Purpose Life, Good Purpose Universe, God Like Scaling & Mastermind, Good Purpose Brands, Trillion-Dollar Growth, and other entrepreneurial ventures spread across several industrial sectors like e-commerce, digital agencies, medical, home improvement, software, real estate, private equity, investment funds, etc. Currently, he is on his way to make a billion-dollar empire that will be a source of living for millions and transform their lives in a positive way.

He single-handedly started his companies and this eventually led to the performance-based growth of all his business ventures. His success story was featured in publications across the world like Forbes, New York Times, MSNBC, Thrive Global, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, IMDB, Yahoo, USA Today, Morningstar, Marketwatch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, Daily Herald, etc. He was interviewed by popular media outlets that include Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, Bloomberg, International Business Times, Buzzfeed, Today Show, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian.

Royston’s endeavors made him a celebrity influencer on social media with one million followers. He has met other prominent figures from the entrepreneurial world like Tim Cook, John Paul Dejoria, Janice Bryant Howroyd, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tai Lopez, Alex Mehr, Robert Cialdini, Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, Scott Painter, Charlie Rocket, and Joshua Earps, to name a few.

With a positive mindset and a benevolent purpose, Royston is gradually climbing the ladder of success. Going by his growth so far, his dream of creating a billion-dollar empire doesn’t seem to be too far from becoming reality.

Written in partnership with Ascend